Crown Heights Man Arrested Again on Drug Charges

Police arrested Aaron Akaberi again last week after discovering that he was in possession of a substantial quantity of drugs. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute and other charges.

Need a Shidduch? Devorah Benjamin Has an Idea!

All of us know someone who needs a Shidduch, and a special time, place and Zechus together can bring that Brocho. Devorah Benjamin, founder and director of KSCVK, has gone to the Ohel several occasions to daven for people who need a Shidduch, with a suggested donation of one hundred dollars per name.

Israeli Finance Minister Visits the Ohel

Moshe Kahlon, the Israeli Minister of Finance, kicked off a trip to New York with an early morning visit to the Ohel. Accompanied by Rabbi Sholom Duchman, chairman of Kolel Chabad, his son Rabbi Zalman Duchman, along with Rabbi Zalman Wolff, who accompanied the minister from Israel. At the Ohel the minister wrote a Pan, put on Tefillin and prayed at the Ohel.