HaMesivta Students Learn to Make Wine

HaMesivta is working on another hands-on learning project: This time around, the bochrim are making wine for Pesach, learning step by step all about its intricate process.

They started off by crushing and pressing the grapes in order to separate it from the skins, seeds and solids. The liquid was then poured into a large container where it went through the process of fermenting, at which point the sugar is converted into alcohol.

The bochurim then tested the sugar levels on a regular basis to make sure it was ready for the next step. The wine was then filtered and is now in a large bottle where it is “aging,” with a specially sealed cover to let the gases out and prevent exposure of oxygen to the wine.

The bochrim now eagerly await 3 to 6 months, at which time it can be used for Kiddush or at the Seder table.

Rabbi Dovid Zirkind, who is the Mashpia at the yeshiva and has been making wine for many years for his family, instructed the bochurim on this project and gave them his hands-on experience.

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