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Crown Heights Man Arrested Again on Drug Charges

Police arrested Aaron Akaberi again last week after discovering that he was in possession of a substantial quantity of drugs. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute and other charges.

The incident occurred last week Tuesday at around 1:30am on Lefferts Avenue near Troy Avenue.

According to a complaint filed in criminal court, a police officer observed Akaberi slumped over and asleep in the driver’s seat of a 2013 Hyundai Sonata that was running. The officer also observed a number of pills and a bottle open on the car’s center console out in plain view.

Police took Akaberi into custody, and after conducting a search they discovered that the pills were amphetamines, and that he had additional pills in his jacket pocket along with two cellphone and over $900 in cash.

A check of his driving privileges revealed that he had nine suspensions on his license, all for failing to respond to traffic summonses. The vehicle he was driving appears to be a rental car. He was arraigned on Friday and held on $4,000 bail, which is unclear if he posted.

Just over a month ago, police raided a ‘crack house’ allegedly occupied by Akaberi. Police discovered a large cache of drugs and arrested three individuals, while a fourth – Akaberi – fled. He was captured a short while later inside a girls’ school building around the corner.


  • 1. Shimon Shak wrote:

    Aaron…please stop. We, your friends and people that care about you, are pained every time we see these headlines. You have who and what to go straight for and we both know that you are motivated and talented enough to go straight and be successful.

    Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help you.

    Shimon Shak

    • 3. big red wrote:

      Doesn’t change the fact that he has a serious problem. he needs love affection and serious therapy.

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      No it doesn’t, however, specifically paying a pic of him without a beard is detrimental and sneaky. How pic with a beard/recent pic was just put up on unchain my sister Facebook group, because he is a gett abuser.

  • 7. lock him up wrote:

    This guy is a menace to society and he’s giving drugs to minors in our community. Needs to be kept in jail so he can’t do harm to himself or others.

  • 8. Be Careful wrote:

    You should publish a picture of how Ahron Akaberi looks today in addition to the picture of how he looked in 2006 NINE years ago.

    Today Akaberi is 29 years old (with a full beard)
    The picture above is from 9 years ago when Akaberi was 20 years old

  • 9. educator wrote:

    Well, the good news is, we know the DA/cops don’t discriminate when they let out criminals through the revolving door – Blacks, Jews, they are all treated fairly.

    The bad news – we know the DA/cops don’t discriminate when they let out criminals through the revolving door – Blacks, Jews, they are all treated

    Can’t we just get rid of these parasites? Answer – no, not while there is a drug problem in CH. It is a lot bigger than any of you suspect. It’s time for random drug tests – IN THE SCHOOLS. Including the girls’ schools. Parents: you need to wake up. Yes it IS happening to YOUR child! Don’t think that because you are a Chassidishe family, your child isn’t involved in drugs, sex & rock & roll. WAKE UP – before YOUR child is lost.

    • 11. Esty B wrote:

      His poor wife! To be tied to a criminal and not be able to separate yourself from his terrible choices and shame.

  • 12. CH resident wrote:

    A current picture with his full beard would be a great idea. It wld be easier to identify him, but also bring home the fact that we must be vigilant and not assume that because someone “looks” chassidish, he is, and can be trusted

    • 13. ON BEING JUDGMENTAL wrote:

      There are way too many of those sort of people, whose garb belies who they really are underneath. Dai chikma l’remiza!!!:(
      People are funny: Judgmental of the innocent and take others, whose evil essence runs deeply- at face value and are very welcoming to them:(… very painful to watch.

  • 15. Menachem Roetter (i stand by my comments) wrote:

    He is not JUST a drug abuser, he is also a GETT abuser!

    He has refused to give his wife (Aviva Rivka bas Tzivia Dina) a Gett for over 3 years now!!

  • 17. Concerned Oberserver wrote:

    This guy needs a serious Refuah Shelaima but first he needs to do his time for all the wrong he has done to others. He is very slippery and keeps getting out without any repercussions. Who is he paying off?!?

  • 19. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

    Aron Akaberi and his wife Aviva had a son (named Shimon) 4 years ago. So now his wife has to raise their son without a father. And she can’t get married again without a GET.

  • 20. Ari wrote:

    It’s so sad to see this very talented , brilliant man getting in such trouble again. He has so many talents that can bring him much more honorable and stable parnasa (he is genius with internet, computer repair, computer programming , web design etc.) without chilul Hashem and this might also probably resolve his sholom bayis issues. He is a very kind person and a good friend. May Hashem have mercy on him and his wife and baby and give him peace of mind and willpower to return to walk in the path of Torah.


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