Video: L’maan Achai Shenanigans

Four campers at L’maan Achai star in this video, which portrays some of the fun aspects of camp life.

Hester: The Secret Club for Lubavitchers

Hester is the name of a an underground, word-of-mouth supper club / cafe / speakeasy / community space, hosted by Itta Werdiger Roth, which is geared toward the ‘Chabad Lite’ in their 30s crowd. Located in Ditmas Park, the club’s location is secret, and the once-a-month event can be attended by invitation only.

Austrian Lawmaker Posts Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Vienna’s Jewish community is outraged over an anti-Semitic cartoon posted on the Facebook page of the leader of Austria’s anti-immigrant Freedom Party. The cartoon, reminiscent of the Nazi era propaganda, shows a banker with a large hooked nose and Star of David cufflinks profiting from Europe’s financial crisis.

Picture of the Day: Tefilin for First Time at 81

Photo: Anach Infos.

An elderly Holocaust survivor in a small French town was inspired to put on Tefilin for the first time in his life. Having arrived at the age of Bar-Mitzvah in 1942 – during the height of the Holocaust – he had never before had the opportunity.

The Mysterious Death of a Brooklyn Beggar

Daily Mail

Top: Howard Frank begging outside 770. Bottom: The Gowanus Canal.

As he begged outside Brooklyn synagogues, Howard Frank was always regaling people with stories of his past, proudly referring to his distant esteemed rabbi relatives.

Kansas City Gets a Taste of Kosher BBQ

Fox 4 Kansas City

BBQ is a Kansas City tradition. Kansas City style BBQ is prepared differently than any other region of the country. But one local BBQ competition is taking the way KC prepares BBQ to a different level.