Was a Kallah Arrested During Her Wedding?

A storm erupted on the Jewish blogosphere last night, when photos emerged of what appeared to be New York City police officers arresting a Kallah in her wedding gown.

While many commenters on these blogs expressed skepticism that the photos were real – it looks like everyone is smiling, and the wedding photographer can be seen in the background snapping away – Shmarya Rosenberg, a blogger who likes to stir up trouble where little exists, insisted that they weren’t staged.

After a little investigation of our own, it turns out that indeed the police would not stoop this low.

During her photo shoot, the Kallah asked the passing officers to pose as if they were arresting her for some extra hip wedding photos, and the good humored officers were happy to oblige.

As these photos clearly demonstrate…


  • Purim??

    I’m all for a good laugh, but this is your wedding??? Sounds like she is an attention seeker.

  • YossiA

    To the board of CHI why are you giving any credibility to the MESHUGENA Shmarya Rosenberg.We can all see that these pics were staged. If trhe kallah had a little understanding what a wedding day is all about she would be saying tihilim instead of these shtusim.

  • To # 3

    I totally agree with you ! Your wedding day is supposed to be like a small Yom Kippor to be m’chaper all your previous wrong doings and to start anew . That’a why we are supposed to fast on our wedding day .
    May we continue hearing besuros tovos !

  • Yossi

    It never ceases to amaze me how we are always critical, we always view these things with “the left eye”.



  • Now I understand.

    I always wondered where such “Farkrumte Shitos” on everything Frum and Jewish could come from, but that’s what happens when your source of inspiration is websites like these…

  • Horrified

    Shem reshaim….. CH.info should remove the menuval’s name from the article.

  • unnecessary repetition

    writing “the MESHUGENA” & “Shmarya Rosenberg” isnt that redundant

  • levy

    Chupa shmupah this is what a chasunne means. where is the

    Kahah veil that the girls throw off like an unwanted tail

    this is followed by other pranks

  • #1

    You don’t actually see anyone touching her. The veil hides anything. You don’t actually see the handcuffs either.

  • to # 12

    Apparently you not only can’t read, but can’t understand either. The “photo shoot” was AT HER WEDDING. Duh!

  • Shmarya Rosenkrants

    You guys have no idea how many posts this anti-censor Shmarya “שר”י“ has DELETED on his filtyh blog.

    This rabid anti hassid who supposedly is out to publicize all the ”swept-under-the-carpet” issues in the hareidi world can’t stand too much criticism himself.

    What a bigted hypocryte.

    him and his aliases apeechrus, seymour et al.

  • Kallah-s Friend

    ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! Who are you to judge my friend? Do YOU know HER? While I respect that you have your opinions, keep them to yourself…AND you want to know why Mashiach has not arrived!?!? It is because you people judge others unfavorably…She is certainly not an attention seeker. She is one of the kindest most compassionate people who does exceptional work and deals with people on a daily basis. What you also fail to be is daan lecaf zechut! I can not stand idly by while you people tear apart what she deemed acceptable and fun and part of HER wedding day. If this doesn’t fall under what you would do….then DONT!Certainly keep it to yourself. She waited for this day and it was her perfect day and that is what matters! May she and the rest of you all share in only simchas! AMEN!

  • Sticking up for a friend

    This Kallah is a friend of mine. In response to people’s comments, she is definitely not an attention seeker and she IS shomer negiah. She was probably taking wedding pictures outside and when the police passed, asked for a quick picture. I’m sure she didn’t realize the pictures would get such publicity and is extremely embarrassed by this. Its important to be dom lekaf zchus, how much more so during Elul. You can’t always jump to conclusions.

  • Esty B

    I guess this is funny, but the pictures give the appearance that the officer handcuffing the kallah might be touching her hand. It seems kind of silly to me…I mean why would you want people to mistakenly think you were arrested on your wedding day…but to each his own, I guess. Nice of the police officers to play along…I hope they didn’t get in trouble.

  • to # 16 & 17

    blah, blah, blah.

    Just like you are sticking up for your friend, we are entitled to our opinions too. You may not like them, but hey, suck it up.

  • un- be- leeeev-able!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16 & 17 are right. This is crazy, I wonder what her parents & new inlaws think of her antics. The word immature springs to mind. And this is someone who is old enough to get married? I hope she isn’t a teacher, I wouldn’t want someone so childish teaching my kids.

    You don’t want criticism? Try acting like a grownup.

    Is there any other behavior that can shock me? OH YES….just wait for the next idiot.

  • Sammy

    I agree with 16&17. Why is there so much hate???? Telling off a Kallah is not al Pi Darkei hachasidus, and it is Osur al pi torah to make fun of someone in public.

    All of you supposedly holy people: Do you know that Loshon Horoah and Motzie shem ra are osur min hatorah???

  • objectivity

    To 16 & 17 friends of the Kallah who came to her defense:

    What basis do you have to imply that (apparently because someone is your friend that therefore) she shouldn’t be criticized for her choices. Because she would do this and I wouldn’t doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to point out the fault in it, be it “her wedding day” or not. Trying to make someone sound better than their choices is dishonest.

    Given that these pictures are now in a public forum it is 100% acceptable to point out that it’s inappropriate (despite your wishful thinking that your friend can do no wrong).

    It is not only a problem with shmiras negiah, an ayin hara just as we don’t sit in wheel chairs, but also a bizoyoin of a bas yisroel that she would, no less on the street, willingly ask stam mentschen to do anything to her, no less subject her to a state of submission, involving negiah, on her WEDDING DAY!

    That you think a woman’s wedding day is license to claim being beyond reproach and criticism is a demonstration of how many today seek any excuse to vindicate themselves from well earned blame.

    Is it embarrassing her?!

    She embarrassed herself, and pretending it didn’t happen or that it’s ok is lifnei iver.
    Would you not tell a woman that her shirt is on backwards so as not to embarrass her, or should you tell her because she is embarrassing herself?
    Is there nothing she can do about it now?!
    She can learn that it’s inappropriate so she doesn’t repeat such antics as her own expense, so can others learn where the line is drawn.

    Will you do whatever you want?!
    You might, but do not think that you are therefore immune to criticism and/or correction.

    I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t realize the subversive affect all the goyishe media she has absorbed would have on her sense of modesty and dignity.

  • don-t judge EVER!

    What lots of people are writing on this post is worse then anything she may have done that day. Because of comments like these the bias hamikdosh was destroyed!!! How much worse does it get?

  • Shtuyot.

    Please bear in mind that the chosson and kallah know about this site and are reading all these disgraceful comments. Lashon hara, Motzi shame rah, Siena’s chinam, AND Dan lichaf zichus aside, you are all completely disregarding the mitzvah of hachnasas chosson and kallah. Please stop commenting hateful comments, it’s causing Agmas nefesh to the newyleds as well as friends and family?

  • Just me

    what a bunch of comic deprived losers we have here.

    I’d love to have a spouse, sister or mom that is that funny – and has the balls to pull that off!

    Shees give it a break – CHI thanks for putting this hope – its truly lol and a breath of fresh air.

    Shomer negiya critics polllleeeeze first ….yada yada yada should I go on? You get the point….

    I do admit the menuval you mention is truly a worthless bag of spoiled yogurt but nunu it is what it is ;)

  • i was a kallah too

    we had a fire scare at our wedding (i was not aware untill after) but we did pose with the firemen. give her a break!

  • CH Resident

    She made a mistake. Big deal.

    I’m sure they will have a binyan adein ad and raise beautiful children… Mazel tov!

  • Shay

    Stop freaking out! What does her picture haveto do with any of you? Leave her alone, it’s her day and her choice and why do u care!

  • humor

    come on… let humor be humor. it’s all about making other people laugh… and don’t worry about her, worry about yourself

  • emeti

    lets not talk about it. It will go away faster.
    maybe do that for Purim, not on the day of the chassena.

  • to #26

    Perhaps they should have thought about that before she was so dumb & it went viral. And please don’t tell me she had nothing to do with it, she was the one posing. If she didn’t think of possible consequences then it just shows how stupid & immature she is. Sometimes we do things to ourselves. She needs to own it. She did it, accept the fallout.

  • Morris Katz

    I hope these cops don’t get in trouble for having a little fun, and promoting good community relations.

    As for Shmarya Rosenberg, this is a family blog, so I cannot use the language I would like to describe this paranoid fool.

    My best wishes to the bride and groom.

  • kallah 2 be

    i am the kallah and i am not at all embarrassed by your response to my actions ; actually, i kinda feel sorry for you but i won’t waste my time on your feelings or on your ignorance……..toodles…………btw: 16 & 17, these silly posters are just jealous because the didn’t come to the party


    Why would I want to have a picture of myself being arrested? Is this meant to be something to be proud of? what an airhead!

  • wishing the couple

    want to wish the choson and kaleh mazal tov and should a binyan addai ad and build a bayis neman byisroel

    the rest of it is load of cobblerss for those of you who understand

  • Delphine

    This is so funny. This woman is a fun, creative thinker and doer. Those who criticize are just jealous of her chutzpah and joy of life. Now go out and have some fun!!!!


    who cares about shomer !! if she is not who cares that is not your problem let her do what she wants on her wedding day its her day NOT YOURS

  • Sam

    So what she violated shomer negia? Is that really the most important halacha in the Torah?? Isn’t eating kosher more important than shomer negia??? It’s not like she ate treif!!

    Cut her some slack.