American College Students Light Up Israeli Army Base

Israeli soldiers stationed near the Lebanese border enjoy the chance to visit with American college students.

In a rare occurrence among student tours of the Holy Land, a group of 23 American Jewish college students brought some Chanukah joy to a secretive Israeli army base near the Lebanese border. Bearing candles and the traditional fried jelly doughnuts known in Hebrew as sufganiyot, the participants of the IsraeLinks program joined their uniformed counterparts for dinner and a mass menorah lighting that, in the words of one soldier, gave his platoon “the strength to go on.”

Over 15 Million Witness the Miracle of Chanukah

Bris Avrohom continues their busy holiday of Chanukah with events throughout the area for young and old alike. Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, Executive Director of Bris Avrohom and his staff lit menorahs on the Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing with administrators of the Port Authority of NY and NJ. This is an annual event which publicizes the miracle of Chanukah to millions of people who cross these bridges over the eight days of Chanukah.

My Joy Ride on the Mitzvah Tank

by Brandon Stanton – Humans of New York

I received an email last week from Miryam, one of Humans of New York’s Orthodox Jewish fans. She informed me that the Chabad Jews would be having a “car menorah” parade on December 22nd. The Chabad Jews are known to New Yorkers as “the Crown Heights Jews.” Other synonyms include “the friendly Jews” and the “laid-back Jews.” They stand in contrast to their nearby brethren the ”Williamsburg Jews”– who are wonderful people I’m sure, but who lean towards Gentilephobia and can be a bit intimidating.