Does A Rov of a Kehilla Need Semicha?

The question that is on most people’s minds is “does a Rov of a Kehilla need Semicha, or not?” and it’s been a question that has been lingering and festering among many in the neighborhood. Rather putting this issue to bed, the Zabla Beis Din has remained mum on the topic.

So our researchers have gathered a collection of a Sicha, letter and a story upon which you can make your own informed decision.

Seudas Shabbos at RCC

This past Friday, a Shabbat dinner on campus at RCC was enjoyed by approximately 120 staff, faculty, alumni, students and families of students. Rabbi Dov & Shevy Oliver, directors of the Center for Jewish Life at RCC, coordinated the event.

Ten Minute Video Class – Fascinating Insights on The Parsha!

We are pleased to present our twenty fourth online class in the “Torah in Ten” series, presented by the editor-in-chief of Kol Menachem, Rabbi Chaim Miller.

Tape of the Rebbe’s Yechidus in new DVD!

The Rebbe’s deep knowledge and analysis of the situation in Israel and its defense and security needs are legendary. Did you ever wish you were in the room to hear it for yourself? Over 20 years ago, in summer 5740 – 1980, Israeli radio broadcaster, Motti Eden came to interview the Rebbe for Israeli radio station, Kol Yisrael. As a true journalist, Motti brought in a small tape recorder to record the conversation in Yechidus.