Photos: Upgrading Kingstons Water Mains

Construction workers have been hard at work replacing the aging water mains on Kingston Avenue. So far they have completed the upgrades from Empire till Crown, the project is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.


  • 1. CH reporter wrote:

    this project was 10 years in the making it was supposed to happen around october 2001 but got pushed off till now b/c of Sep 11

  • 2. Why no advance notice? wrote:

    Where was the warning BEFORE that this was going to take place instead of us getting the shock of our lives with tickets, traffic and having to take alternate routes? Just wondering why we didn’t get a courtesy ‘call’ from the CHJCC?

  • 3. Yossi wrote:

    I love the way a website like CHI would put pictures up with a shmais website advertisement in the back round! :-)

  • 4. rail tracks wrote:

    Will they take out those dangerous old rail tracks near 770 at the same time?

  • 7. response to #2 wrote:

    there was a clear warning on all these websites last year that this was going to take place. it mentioned who was in-charge and that there would be water issues for certain hours during the day. go back a check it up.

  • 8. Eliezer wrote:

    i wish they would not do it at 9am when everyone is trying to go go school
    that would be a good time for a coffee break
    besides the “traffic cops” were very nasty and didnt even do what was needed for the project … just making it harder for people.

    i watched the way a person living on crown and Kingston (towards) Brooklyn was not allowed to turn from Montgomery although crown was wide open. Kingston was blocked from crown to Carrol.

    no speaking, no sense convinced the “traffic cop” to change their orders…
    when i asked the construction people why it was blocked … they clearly told me that there was no reason. and added that those guys are just making trouble and i am not the first to complain.

    i spoke with Eli Cohen and i hope he did something about this.

  • 9. thank you for the upgrade wrote:

    just curious, why are there always so amny men standing around and only a few working???

  • 10. to # 3 wrote:

    just what i was thinking, but it seems like they are working together recently shmais posted pic by CHI and gave them the credit. i am very happy about this i hope shmais and CHI work together to take down the other websites!

  • 11. NO WATER ! wrote:

    no water from 8-4 for 4 days. get ready crown to eastern pkwy. start filling the buckets…..

  • 12. me and mom wrote:

    Does anyone know if they will widen some of the corners like they did on Empire and Albany??

  • 13. thank you CHJCC wrote:

    i dont think people understand this
    no water means no water for 8 hours which means no flushing toilets for 8 hours a day!! think about it


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