In the Outskirts of Beijing, Kosher Lamb Production En Masse

BEIJING, China [CHI] — In the small town of Shinyi situated on the outskirts of China’s capital, a small team of highly qualified Rabbi’s and a Shochet descended, with all but one mission in mind, to bring Kosher lamb and chicken to all of the 12 Chabad Shluchim residing in the People’s Republic of China.

Led by Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, Head Shliach of Beijing, along with world renowned Shochet, Rabbi Chaim Klein from South Africa, who was flown to Shinyi for this specific event, and together with the help of an additional four Shluchim, Rabbi’s, Raskin, Rodin, S.B. Freundlich and Vishedsky.

“The past three days sure have been exhausting, but most rewarding” says Rabbi Freundlich. We have spent all this time koshering, cutting, chopping and supervising , ensuring that all of the Lamb and Chicken is kept up to the highest standards of Kashrut. Rabbi Freundlich informs us that during these days they have Shechted hundreds of Lamb and over 5000 chickens. He has been sending Kosher meat and chicken to all of the Chabad houses in China from the time he and his wife arrived 9 years ago. Rabbi Freundlich is also responsible for producing the Cholov Yisroel milk in Beijing and distributing it to all the Chabad houses in China including Hong Kong.


  • Amazing

    Wow absolutely incrediable to think that not only do they have kosher meet in China but also Lubavitch Shcita I wouldn’t mind that here in the State that I live in with a large Lubavitch community you dont always get Lubavitch Shechita. Not Only meet but Cholov Yisroel milk. Keep up your amazing work Fruendlichs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A.S.

    The Freundlichs are incredible Shluchim. Doing the Rebbe’s work with such happiness and zrizus.

  • go rabbi klein

    Wow flying from south africa to shecht in china so the yidden there can eat kosher fleish – now thats shlichus!!