Oholei Torah Students Honor Levi’s Memory

Students of Pre 1-A and the first and second grades of Oholei Torah found their own way to commemorate the passing of Crown Heights-born Shliach Levi Deitsch OBM.

In response to the passing of Shliach Rabbi Levi Deitsch, OBM, the children of pre 1-A, first and second grades of Oholei Torah embarked on a swift project of making hachlatos in his memory.

Around 250 hachlatos were made by the children during the week and were hung in the hallways.

A special bound book of all the hachlatos was put together.

The children joined a special gathering outside the Yeshivah on Thursday and then one of the second grade classes went on to the Deitsch house and made the presentation of all the hachlatos that were taken on.


  • a resident of crown heights

    I saw the book today in their house the family were looking at it. it was a nice thing that oheli torah did.

  • to #1

    you MIGHT be right BUT………………. isnt the meaning of the words “NICHUM availim” that we comfort the availim – what better way to do this??????????????????????????

  • to #3 not so simple

    kids don’t usually go to levayas, so what you say is not so simple, some things are difficult for children to see, especially such young children, they can at times also act one way when the atmosphere calls for another…shiva house can be heartwrenching places, especially when one so young passed away, in a family that has gone through so much. I think that the family sitting shiva and the parents whose children are going should be asked first.
    May we hear only good news-Moshiach NOW!!

  • to #4

    why are people so interested in distancing kids from “sad” scenes – does anyone care about distancing them from the garbage seen all over the streets of CH??

    finally the kids are doing something good and positive, here in chi people comment to bash that too.

    wake up and smell it.

  • To all

    What a shame that there even had to be some negativity with such a positive thing>What the critics didnt realise is that the class that went knew Levis son as he was with them in the summer>Dont you think he deserved some inspiration also>People should know all the facts before they condone!

  • some 1 that cares

    i could not agreee more with #6
    and of the record this coment should apply to all coments made on this site