First New Torah in Slovakia Since Holocaust

A new Torah scroll is in place in Slovakia, the first to be inaugurated in the Central European country since the Nazis ravaged its Jewish population during World War II, while one proud Jewish boy will live to tell the tale of having celebrated his bar mitzvah amid the fanfare of a city-wide celebration.

A Multimillionaire Surveillance Dealer Steps Out Of The Shadows . . . With His $9 Million WhatsApp Hacking Van

On a wildflower-lined gravel track off a quiet thoroughfare in Larnaca, Cyprus, Tal Dillian is ensconced in a blacked-out truck. It’s a converted GMC ambulance, pimped out with millions of dollars of surveillance kit, antennas on top reaching out to learn what it can from any smartphone within a 1-kilometer radius and, at the click of a button, empty them of all the content within. WhatsApp messages, Facebook chats, texts, calls, contacts, Everything.

Over Half of Reported Hate Crimes This Year Anti-Semitic

More than half of hate crimes reported this year in New York City are anti-Semitic, NYPD officials said Wednesday, according to CNN. According to the latest numbers, reported through September 1, anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC are up 63% this year from last year, with 152 anti-Semitic hate crimes reported this year so far, compared to 93 over the same period last year.

Kashrus Alert: Unauthorized OK On Snapple Diet Cranberry Raspberry

The OK Kashrus organization has released a Kashrus Alert after the OK Kosher symbol was mistakenly placed on a Snapple product. A limited number of Snapple Diet Cranberry Raspberry 6-packs (16oz bottles) were mistakenly printed with the OK Kosher symbol on the outer cartons. This product is not kosher certified, and the actual bottles do not bear the kosher symbol.