A Crown Heights Resident Called A “Filthy Jew,” By Livery Driver

A Crown Heights resident became the target of a disgusting slur Thursday morning, while biking through the streets of Crown Heights. The person who spewed the hateful words was a livery cab driver, seemingly incensed at having to share the road with a cyclist.

by CrownHeights.info

At approximately 10:15am Thursday morning, while biking on Schenectady Ave between St Marks Ave and Prospect Pl, a Crown Heights resident became the target of an anti-Semitic livery cab driver.

The driver of the black Toyota, had been driving on Schenectady Ave and refused to move over while passing the cyclist, forcing him to stop.

He livery driver then stopped according to the victim, rolled down his window and began a verbal exchange. When told that he should have left room for the cyclist, he called the victim a “Filthy Jew” and proceeded to speed away.

The cyclist gave chase and caught up to him a few blocks away. He snapped a photo of the car, driver and license plate. There was a passenger in the car at the time.

“Crown Heights has a large Jewish population, and an anti-Semitic driver should absolutely not be allowed pick up Jewish passengers with his outrageous and disgusting mindset.” said the victim. “I am a frequent user of livery cabs, and my family as well. I would never want my family to be passengers in such a persons vehicle for their safety.”

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