A Thank You Letter to Crown Heights Shomrim

A Jewish woman working in The Kings County Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, penned a thank you letter to Crown Heights Shomrim. Outlining the difficult situation she found herself in, she thanks the volunteers for going above and beyond in helping another Jew.

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Eber Liquor & Wines Pesach Sale

8:00pm: If Everything That Happens Is Orchestrated from Above, How Much Free Choice Do We Really Have?

The topics in this week’s 251st episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Chassidus Applied to 27 Adar; If Everything That Happens Is Orchestrated from Above, How Much Free Choice Do We Really Have? What Torah Concepts Can We Transmit to Non-Jews? How Do We Address the Issue of Anti-Semitic Attacks and Safety? Since G-d Created the Human Body with Such Amazing Design Why Did He Allow It to Be so Fragile? Should We Be Talking with Our Children About Puberty? Will the Roles of Women and Men Change in the Times of Moshiach?

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$6 to Help a Jew in a Trailer Park

They may live a world apart from you, but just 3 hours away. Poor Jews.

Some live in a trailer park. They think they can’t afford to be Jewish.

They so badly want to be at a seder.

I wish you could meet them, they are real Baal Shem Tov’s Yidin.

So wholesome and Sincere. Can you help them?

We’d like to host them, but we can’t do it ourselves.

The local Jewish Community does not care and is not able to help.

So we turn to you. Because you do understand, and you do care.

Can you give $36? Even as little $6 can help.

Of course you can. I hope you do.

Please click here to help.

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Are you still looking to get away for Pesach?

Are you still looking to get away for Pesach?

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Lots of activities to do during Chol Hamoed.

Food option available as well. Strictly kosher non gebrokts with all hiddurim.  For more information or to book please call (917) 468-6128 or email chabadmidhudsonvly@prodigy.net.

Three Torah scrolls Stolen from Synagogue in Teheran

Three ancient Torah scrolls were stolen from a Tehran, Iran, synagogue last Thursday, shocking the Jewish community. Each of the scrolls was several hundred years old. The Torah scrolls were stolen from the city’s Ezra Abrishami synagogue late Thursday night.

#TefillinForYitzi Launches Second Campaign

A campaign has launched its second drive to get people to put on tefillin throughout the world. The campaign is a birthday gift for Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, who is about to turn 47. The campaign, being run from March 3rd through March 8th, encourages people to put on tefillin, snap a photo, and send it into the campaign. A goal of 15,000 Tefillin has been set, lets help get there.