A Thank You Letter to Crown Heights Shomrim

A Jewish woman working in The Kings County Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, penned a thank you letter to Crown Heights Shomrim. Outlining the difficult situation she found herself in, she thanks the volunteers for going above and beyond in helping another Jew..

I am moved beyond words at the incredible work of the Crown Heights Shomrim. I work in Kings County Psychiatric Emergency Room but do not live in the area, traveling over an hour to come to work here. I was going out for a lunch break, when I noticed my car had been smashed in. Because of the weather forecasting a major snowstorm, and becoming progressively worse throughout the evening, I was concerned about driving home with this damaged window and glass flying towards me as I drove. I called the Crown Heights Shomrim, and a very special man coordinating it all had two men come to my car within 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes, they had taped up my window so I could drive home. I do not even know these mens’ names. They were mentchluch and professional and did their work with a smile. One ran to a nearby store to buy tape to tape up the window, and would not take any money from me. All I have to say is Mi KiAmcha Yisroel. As the staff where I work observed my plight, they too could not believe my “Jewish people” came to assist like that. What an incredible organization. Hashem should repay each of these malochim and what they did tonight should be a zchus for them and their families.

So proud to be Jew,



  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow Shomrim! I can imagine what a simple phone call you got.. but went out anyways and look at the unbelievable help and gratefulness from such a simple Act

  • 6. Lovely wrote:

    So nice to read things like this
    and so nice that we have Shomrim to help us with all kinds of stuff.
    Thank you!

  • 8. Hakorus Hatoiv wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this with us
    I wonder how many other mind blowing achievements these ‘malochim’ have carried out for so many of us, merely doing their ‘job’ . . only to go unnoticed or unmentioned
    As a very firm believer of Hakorus Hatoiv, I say to you, Thank you, for sharing and publicising!
    It goes a long way!
    May they go Mechayil LeChoyil IYH

  • 10. Anonymous wrote:

    Proud of the shomrim
    Happy you got home safely!

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    We should learn from an out of towner how only moments after being helped sent out a beautiful thank you letter. Sometimes when we have something at our hands we forget to show appreciation. Well done Shomrim!


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