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Taylor Talks: One Thought that will Heal You

G-d says in the book of Exodus: “All the diseases that I placed on Egypt, I will not place on you. I am G-d your Healer.” The verse, at first glance, seems contradictory. First G-d says that sickness will not come, but concludes the verse “I am G-d, your Healer,” implying that sickness may indeed come and He will heal it! The ambiguity can be explained as follows: When G-d brought the plagues to Egypt, He did so as a punishment for transgression. G-d informs the Jewish people that afflictions that come upon them will be of a different nature. Rabbi Pinchas Taylor reminds us that the afflictions will not be punishments per se; they will instead be curative wounds.

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Fully Winterized House for Sale in Mei Menuchos

Fully winterized detached house in Mei Menuchos, South Fallsburg, NY for sale.

Two floor house, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (one in the master bedroom with soaker tub), 2 Large kitchens, wraparound deck, Washer/dryer on each floor, central a/c and heating. Hardwood floors upstairs. Each floor accessible from the inside as well as have their own entrances (so can be used as an income generating rental), large beautiful grounds, Chassidishe and tzniusdik environment.

Day camp, swimming pool, 2 playgrounds, Shul and mikve on premises. Shopping close by. Accessible all year. Available fully furnished.

Call/Message 347-578-2558 for more info.

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