First Ever Boys Production Sells Out Twice

Two sellout crowds enjoyed the first ever production by a boys school in Crown Heights. Titled “Generation Seven” the performance told some of the stories contained within the Maamar of Bosi Legani.

The production stunned the audience, bringing tears, laughter and inspiration to all ages gathered. The multimedia video-projected backdrops added depth and a rich dimension to the stage.

Rabbi Simpson and Rabbi Goldstein introduced the event. The 12 Pesukim were recited by 12 of the actors. After the event, audio CDs of the performance were available for purchase. Audio CDs of the event are still available at the Yeshivah Office.

All seats in the auditorium were sold out. Not willing to miss the show, many people took standing places in the back. Due to the high demand of the fast-selling seats, an additional viewing was opened for reservation earlier in the day. Local Yeshivos reserved seats for their Talmidim at this viewing, including Oholei Torah and ULY Ocean Parkway.

The production took place in the auditorium of the New Heights Middle School on Troy and East New York Avenues.


  • 1. wow wrote:

    this production was spectacular! I took 3 of my grandsons and they were “glued”, Very well done, hope it is the beginning for many more to come. The content was so rich inspiring and professionally executed. A lot of talent in this yeshiva!

  • 2. It was AMAZING! wrote:

    We loved it so much, we bought the audio CD.
    My kids are glued to the CD. They listen to it over and over!
    Full of Toichen!

  • 3. So proud wrote:

    Go yossi. Telesevsky !!!go !!!
    You out did yourself
    Putting in hours and hours of work
    יגעת ומצאת תאמין

  • 4. Exceptional wrote:

    A blend of serious stories of our Rebbeim as told by The Rebbe in Bosi l’Gani, with a subtle humorous undertone in a respectful manner, with heart-wrenching nigunim and even some choreography. An amazing success, with 100 of the audience mesmerized throughout.
    Shout out to the producers and the young Tmimim for an exceptional inspirational Chassidishe experience.


  • 5. We need more of this wrote:

    The Alter Rebbe / Yom Kipur story and song had me choked up. The market place comedy cracked me up.
    So much content packed into one hour. I didn’t want it to end. Superb acting.

  • 6. A grateful uly parent wrote:

    A special thank you to the very talented directors rabbis moishy goldstein and yossi taleshevski for giving our children an opportunity to shine in such a special way in this beautiful production.

  • 7. please sell the video wrote:

    great money maker
    please sell the video
    we need more videos for boys

  • 8. So Glad I was there! wrote:

    It was really wonderful. The boys demonstrated Bosi L’gani so well, even my 4 year old was able to understand and appreciate it. A lesson like this will never be forgotten. Waiting for their next production!

  • 9. So proud wrote:

    Go moshie. goldstien!!!go !!!
    You out did yourself
    Putting in hours and hours of work
    יגעת ומצאת תאמין


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