Coral Springs Holds First Imos U’Bonos Study Program

​The first Imos U’Bonos of 5778, at the Chabad of Coral Springs, kicked off last Sunday with over 25 participants joining the program.

“It was wonderful to see everyone coming in, all excited to see what will the special program be,” said Simone Klein, coordinator of the newly organized program.

For close to four complete years during the winter months, Avos U’banim, a Father and Son Learning program are held every Motzei Shabbos at Chabad of Coral Springs. Fathers and Sons, spend quality time together and foster a love of learning that will surely endure for years to come.

This program has been exclusively for Fathers and Sons. However, equally important are learning programs for girls.

The Rebbe writes in a letter that “[T]he education of girls is very great, as reflected by the verse: “The wise among women builds her house”; see also Shmos Rabbah, ch. 28, which states that the perpetuation of the giving of the Torah is dependent on women. In addition, the existence of all the institutions of proper Torah education and their success in educating students is largely dependent on the existence of girls’ schools. (Rebbes letter)

Imagine a room full of mothers involved with their daughters learning, and each girl loving that same bond as they foster a connection. “Subtly telling our girls that they are important, their knowledge and learning matters and their connection to Torah and Jewish intelligence is no less than anyone’s.” said a mother after the program.

The first program was partially sponsored Leuli Nishmas Sheindel bas R’ Avrohom Yitzchok.

P’sukim were recited, and a chance to win an exciting prize. The program was topped off with a beautiful edible food decorating in honor of Tu B’shvat.

All girls are invited and encouraged to join this beautiful program B’ezras Hashem happening every month.


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