Kipah Debate in France Seen as a Blessing in Disguise

When a community leader in the southern French city of Marseille recently suggested that Jewish men and boys should stop wearing their kipahs in public for fear of anti-Semitic attacks, he inadvertently launched a healthy dialogue on just how important it is for Jews to be able to practice their faith openly, say leaders of Chabad-Lubavitch in France.

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Letter: To the Person Who Vandalized My Sister’s Picture

Recently, Menachem Roetter hung up a flyer in a Chabad Shul in the Detroit area inviting the community to join his family in honoring the memory of his sister, Pesha Leah, who passed away six years ago in a terrible car accident. A few days later, he stopped by the Shul and was shocked to discover that the sign had been vandalized – the photo of his sister had been torn out.

Tonight: 66th Anniversary of Yud Shvat

Tonight is Yud Shvat; on this day 66 years ago the Frierdiker Rebbe passed away, and exactly one year later the Rebbe assumed leadership of the Lubavitch movement. We present for out readers a collection of videos and learning material, specially produced and compiled for this auspicious day.

Cure Found for Multiple Sclerosis

A cutting-edge new stem cell therapy is achieving “miraculous” results in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, leaving many able to walk again while showing signs that the disease has been stopped dead in its tracks.