Violence Overwhelms Donetsk; Danger for Remaining Jews

As heavy rocket and artillery fire pounded the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk last week, teachers at the city’s Ohr Avner Jewish Day School rushed their students into a room in the building’s center, where they silently waited for the barrage to end. Classes were dismissed early that day, and the 20 children in attendance—a small fraction of the amount the school had before the war—were sent home for the rest of the week.

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New Yeshiva Testament to Germany’s Jewish Revival

In some significant way, the opening this month of a kollel, a rabbinical seminary in Hamburg, Germany, harks back to its glory pre-war days when the city was graced by distinguished rabbis. It is yet another of many signs of the recent rise of Jewish life in Germany, much of it due to the Chabad centers—nearly 20 of them—across the country.

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ULY Ocean Parkway Open House

Come see what ULY Ocean Parkway has been up to. Visit for more info or to RSVP.

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Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Reb Shmuel Azimov, 69, OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing of Reb Shmuel ‘Muleh’ Azimov, OBM, the head Shliach to Paris since 1968, who was much beloved by the Jewish community he served and helped revitalize. Rabbi Azimov spearheaded the ‘French Jewish Revolution,’ which saw close to 100,000 French Jews become Baalei Teshuvah over the past five decades. He was 69 years old.