Op-Ed Follow Up: Miracle of the Higgs Boson

by Anonymous

A scientific rendering of particles smashing at the Geneva accelerator.

As a follow-up to my (controversial?) op-ed last week, and my comment there (#15), a truly amazing thing happened to me this past Shabbos that sent shivers through me. (It must be that either I am very far from Kedusha and Hashem wants me back, and/or readers of this article will have hischazkus from this.)

Israeli Census Reveals Population of Kfar Chabad

Kfar Chabad, Israel

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released information pertaining to the population at the end of 2011, breaking down figures per city or yishuv. The census figures reveal that the population of Kfar Chabad, the largest Lubavitch community after Crown Heights, has reached 5,105, up 100 from a year earlier.

Video: Cops Push Disabled Cruiser

A police cruiser was left disabled after being involved in a crash on Lefferts Avenue, Emergency Service Officers sought to reopen the road for traffic and did not want to wait for a department tow truck.

Rabbi Mendy Schapiro Will Deliver Keynote Address

This Year’s Kinus Hamechanchim will feature outstanding presentations from professionals such as Dr. Joseph Cantara and Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman, and from veteran Mechanchim such as Rabbi Yoseph Minkowitz and Rabbi Yonason Rietti. Now the Vaad Hakinus is happy to announce that an evening Hisvaadus will be led by Rabbi Mendy Schapiro, mashpia in Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon in Los Angeles.