Kfar Chabad, Israel

Israeli Census Reveals Population of Kfar Chabad

Kfar Chabad, Israel

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released information pertaining to the population at the end of 2011, breaking down figures per city or yishuv. The census figures reveal that the population of Kfar Chabad, the largest Lubavitch community after Crown Heights, has reached 5,105, up 100 from a year earlier.

In first place, with 804,355 residents is Yerushalayim, with a growth of 16,000 from the previous year. Second place goes to Tel Aviv with 404,750 residents with a growth of a few hundred people and third place goes to Haifa with 270,348 residents with a growth of 2,000 residents.

Some other cities include Rishon L’Tzion (232,410), Ashdod (212,278), Petach Tikvah (210,376), Beersheva (196,335), Netanya (189,678), and Holon (182,575).

In the chareidi world there is Bnei Brak (163,301), Modi’in Illit (52,060), Betar Illit (39,710), Elad (39,976), a growth of 1,400, Beit Shemesh (84,209), an increase of almost 4,000, Rechasim (9,753) and Telshe Stone (3,158).


  • Ed Shindle

    Nice clean town, but why on earth don’t they have egged bus line going through there? You have to hitch hike to the main road and then walk another 1/2 hr. to get there. This is not good for tourism.

  • To # 1 How many Yidden in Crown Heights

    In the last election for Rabbonim over two thousand married men voted, if you figure that only a third voted then there are 3,000 families in Crown heights Ki’h, lets say there are 6 people to a family thats 18,000 (taking into account older larger families in which some of the kids left CH and younger smaller families)add another couple thousand out of town singles and yeshivah/seminary kids and we may have 20,000 Yidden in the shchunah ki’h.

    But then again: that number can be off by 10,000 :)

    (there’s probably also a few thousand Jewish Hipsters in Crown Heights)

  • Shlome Seldowitz

    To #2:

    When I was a bachur, there was an Egged bus that went to the Shikunnim. If one couldn’t get that bus, then there was a bus-stop on the main road at the entrance to Kfar Chabad.

    Have things changed since then?

  • Ed Shindle

    To No. 4… I was just in Israel, I had to visit someone in Kfar Chabad in the evening like 7 pm…. When I found out that the egged goes to Shikunnim and the last pickup is at 5 pm, I didn’t want to take a chance and be left stranded. I don’t understand. It’s all in the vicinity of the Tel Aviv, Pardes Chana route.