Obituary: His Brother’s Keeper: Norman Rosenbaum, 63, Fierce Advocate for Justice

For more than a decade, Norman Rosenbaum was a fixture in New York City, a fiery Australian who became a fixture on front pages and nightly newscasts for his impassioned speeches—many on the steps of City Hall, demanding justice in the face of entrenched anti-Semitism after the infamous 1991 Crown Heights riots, in which his younger brother Yankel was brutally murdered. Rosenbaum passed away on July 25 in Melbourne, Australia. He was 63 years old.

New Book Spotlights National Treasure

When Rabbis Elkanah Shmotkin and Boruch Oberlander began research on the Rebbe’s upbringing in Nikolayev, Ukraine, for Jewish Educational Media’s Early Years, they could not have imagined the political and cultural impact their work would have on the local populace. Now, nearly fifteen years after the initial contact with the Ukrainian government, a new book has been published by the State Archives of the Nikolayev Region.