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From Beijing and the Coronavirus to the Keynote Address to 3,000 Chabad Women

Dini Freundlich arrived in the United States two weeks ahead of her keynote address at the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries (Kinus Hashluchos), not because she needed to prepare, but because she had to be sure she was healthy—a sort of self-quarantine before interacting with thousands of other women in New York.

50,000 Kits For “Let’s Chalk Shabbos”

Exactly one year ago, 50,000 newly designed Shabbos candle boxes were delivered to Lubavitch Youth Org. Each Shabbos candle box was ready to find a home to illuminate and in less than a year the 50,000 special and unique neshek kits found their home around the globe. Now, there are 50,000 new pattern beautiful Shabbos candle gift boxes with gold stamping and embossing that have just arrived, and are ready to find their home.

New Bus to the Ohel For Women and Girls

Although the Ohel is not that far away from Crown Heights geographically, finding the opportunity to go or coordinating a ride can often be a hassle for women and girls. A few young women in the community have now remedied this with a weekly bus to the Ohel for women and girls..