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PRINCIPAL – Cheder, Melbourne Australia

Cheder Levi Yitzchok is a Chabad Lubavitch school which is focused upon producing Australia’s future Chabad leaders.

The role of Principal is the most senior leadership position at the school responsible for overseeing student wellbeing, classroom experience, curriculum, operations, compliance, staff management and wellbeing, parent liaison, financial management and facilities management.

We seek an experienced and inspirational Chabad educator with skills in school operations, staff management and motivation, and with the capacity to foster a passionate Chassidishe environment.

Please contact Mrs Devora Goldman: devora.goldman@cly.vic.ed...

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8:00pm: Is It Acceptable to Ask Forgiveness via Social Media & Other Intriguing Yom Kippur Questions

The topics in this week’s 371st episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Is It Acceptable to Ask Forgiveness via Social Media & Other Intriguing Yom Kippur Questions; Vov Tishrei Lessons: Why Is Respecting Parents Such a Great Mitzvah? Why Did the Rebbe Honor His Mother by Analyzing and Explaining Rashi? What We Can Learn From 9/11: How Crumbling Structures Lead to Greater Growth; Why Is Yom Kippur the Holiest Day of the Year? How Does Throwing a Goat off a Cliff to Its Death Atone for Our Sins?

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Standing at the mic is Rochelle Fogelman, Shlucha to Worcester, MA. She is addressing the annual Nshei Chabad convention most likely sometime in the early 1950’s. Read more about the conversation Rebbetzin Chana had about her speech and an earlier speech at the convention.