39 Years Later, Chabad of Toronto, Ontario Expands With New Building

The proceedings for the groundbreaking of a new building by the Chabad of Toronto began with a letter from the Rebbe’s read by Rabbi Zalman A. Grossbaum written in honor of the first groundbreaking held Yud Aleph Nissan 39 years ago to the day, and for the exact purpose, at the same location.

Video of the Day

Birkat Kohanim on Chol Hamoed Pesach at the Kotel is an incredible event, with people usually packing the entire plaza and spilling into the surrounding area. This year, while still a massive event, the number of people allowed in was limited.

Bahrain Names First Ever Ambassador to Israel

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi spoke on Sunday, at the end of the holiday, with Bahrain’s Foreign Minister ‘Abd al-Latif al-Ziani ahead of the opening of the Bahraini embassy in Israel and the appointment of the first Bahraini ambassador to Israel.

Picture of the Day

It’s a sign of the times, Crown Heights is expanding. After years of having ambulances stationed at 770 Eastern Parkway and Empire Shtibel, Crown Heights Hatzalah has begun staging an ambulance even further into East Flatbush, parking it behind a building on Albany Ave. The security gates that mark the location recently got a face lift with new bold signage.