Bochurim Go On Vandalism Spree Over The Second Day of Yom Tov in Crown Heights


A series of “targets” were hit in Crown Heights over the second day of Yom Tov in a vandalism spree perpetrated by a group of bochurim.

According to reports and witnesses, one incident involved at least one bochur shattering the glass fronting the Kohot book case in the main foyer of 770, after the door was left unlocked so as those holding a seder inside could use the door for Shfoch Chamoscha.

In video obtained by, the bochur could be seen picking up a large piece of metal outside 770 which was then used to shatter the glass.

The doors of both Rabbi Moshe Meir Gluckowsky and Rabbi Brod, both administrators of the 770 Yeshiva, were also vandalized, although it is unclear if those responsible had managed to gain entry into the offices. The office of the Gabboim of 770 was also targeted.

Despite it being Yom Tov, the vandals continued their spree, targeting the car of the caretaker of the Rebbe’s Room and upstairs 770, Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam. The vandals damaged the cars mirror and tore off the cars rear wiper.

From there, the bochurim were spotted by a witness heading to the home of Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, going so far as asking passersby for directions. The bochurim ultimately found the home, reportedly vandalizing it as well.

Astoundingly, these bochurim are well known for causing destruction and mayhem in the community, with those allegedly involved having been caught on video vandalizing 770 multiple times in the past.

Despite that, these boys continue to avoid repercussion, with the NYPD’s 71st precinct apparently unwilling or unable to arrest them.

Another pattern of vandalism in Crown Heights was found at the 1414 Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva dormitory over the last few months, as bochurim vandalized the fingerprint readers installed in the Yeshiva’s lunchroom. The police were notified and a police report taken. At present, the 71st Precinct have yet to make an arrest in that case.

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