Weekly Letter: Making The Many Into One

In our present political environment where much is being said about “unity” and uniting our nation – we present a message from the Rebbe on the idea of making the many into one and as it relates to the principle of DEMOCRACY. The Rebbe further expands on this with the idea of the Public Domain and Private Domain as explained in Chabad chasidus.

Picture of the Day

Lubavitch Photographer Shmully Wolfson caught a special moment last night as Rabbi Berel Levine stood outside 770 with the Mayim Shelanu.

Where the Rebbe Gave Matonos L’evyonim

It is well known that each Purim, the Rebbe would call in Rabbi Mentlick A”H and give Matonos Lo’evyonim towards Kupas Bochurim, taking care of the needy Tmimim, who needed assistance with purchasing clothing and other needs. The Rebbe cherished the Bochurim as his very own and worried about their care.

Rafael Tests I-Derby ER, First Israeli Air-to-Air Missile With Range of Over 100 km

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has completed the development of the ground-based Air Defense version of the I-Derby ER (Extended Range) air-to-air missile. During the test series concluded earlier this week in southern Israel, Rafael performed a ground launch to test the missile’s command and control, navigation, and flight trajectory capabilities.

New York City Schools To Get Solar Panels

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced the selection of two firms to install rooftop solar arrays on nearly 50 public schools across the five boroughs, as well as city water treatment plants.

BDE: Mr. David Mintz, OBM

We regret to inform you of the passing of Mr. David Mintz, founder and CEO of the Tofutti brand. Mr. Mintz had many exchanges with the Rebbe at Machne Israel and other visits to 770. He attributed his success to the Rebbe’s business advice and many blessings. We’re honored to share with you a peek into their relationship.