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8:00pm: Can You Share Your Personal Experience of Gimmel Tammuz?

The topics in this week’s 315th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Fighting for What You Believe In: Lessons From 12-13 Tammuz; Are Your Commitments Superimposed or Engraved in You? How Can We Know If We Have Made a Successful Connection With the Rebbe? Can You Share Your Personal Experience of Gimmel Tammuz? What’s Your Opinion on the Tearing Down of Statues? How Should We React to Fireworks in the Streets? Should I Move? Why Do So Many People Not Get It? What Can I Do to Find a Shidduch During Quarantine?

Why Can’t Women Wear Pants?

Titled Women and Pants: A Halachic Perspective, a new Hebrew booklet, by Rabbi Moshe Wiener, methodically addresses the halachic concerns involved in women wearing pants, and provides a comprehensive discussion of the related practical details.

Picture of the Day

A unique set of pictures from the archives of Rabbi Chaim Dalfin are published for the first time on The pictures are of the Bar Mitzva of Noach Gansburg, which took place in Brunoy 1973.