Cold Front Heading To New York, Snow Possible

An arctic “breeze” is heading towards New York, bringing near freezing temperatures just weeks before the beginning of the official summer. The cold front is expected to hit the New York area on Friday, and last through next week before returning to summery weather.

Weekly Letter: The Essence of a Jew

In preparation for Lag B’Omer we share a letter where the Rebbe explains what the essence of a Jew is – and gives the analogy of a fish in water, to explain the impossibility of changing one’s essence. Just as R’ Akiva had explained to his students.

Hatzalah-Thon: A Message From Dr. Eli Rosen

Just days from the highly anticipated Lag B’Omer Hatzalah-Thon event, Dr. Eli Rosen, a Crown Heights physician who spearheaded the communities response to the COVID-19 virus, has a message for the Jewish community. Come join the tens of thousands who will be unifying and donating to Hatzalah’s tireless work.

PSA: Food Distribution In Crown Heights

Thanks to the Chamah organization, a large amount of produce, eggs, and other food items are presently being distributed to all Crown Heights residents in the Bais Rivkah parking lot on East New York Ave. All items are first come first serve.

Here’s My Story: In Mint Condition

For nearly four decades, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky served as the Rebbe’s secretary. He continues to serve as the chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and Machne Israel, and secretary of Agudas Chasidei Chabad. He was interviewed by JEM five times between 2009 and 2018.

Video of the Day

A special thank you to Hatzalah volunteers lit up the facade of an apartment building in Crown Heights. Thanked by name for their lifesaving work were Dr. Eli Rosen, Yingi Bistritzky, JJ Katz, and Menachem Freeman.