Home Based Rehab In Crown Heights Seeking Volunteers

Dear Community Member,

We are grateful to Hashem for all those who are returning from prolonged hospital stays. Unfortunately, many weeks of ICU care, illness, and isolation have taken a toll, and many of these patients require comprehensive rehabilitation. To this end, a group of “those occupied with the needs of the community” have collaborated with Crown Medical and Hatzalah to develop a “HOME-BASED” comprehensive rehab that will provide for the acute rehabilitation in all domains, with attention given to family and social needs, as well as the myriad of other possible impairments. All therapies will be provided in the refurbished “day-hab” center in the ULY halls on Albany Ave. Patients will be transported to and from the center for intensive therapy. The center will open on Monday the 11th of May. Healing can and will occur!

We are looking for volunteers to be physical therapy assistants, data entry specialists, scheduling supervisors, speech and respiratory therapists, and all-around help!

The hours of operation will be between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, six days a week.

Please apply as a volunteer:

– please visit https://ch.rehab or
– send an email to: golan@ch.rehab

Don’t forget to include your phone number, availability, and area of specialization.

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