World Jewish Population Reaches 14.8 Million

As we prepare to welcome 5780, the number of Jews worldwide stands at 14.8 million, compared to 14.7 million in 5779. Of these, 8.1 million live outside Israel (including 5.7 million in the United States). In Israel, the number of Jews is 6.7 million (compared to 6.6 million in 5779).

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Weekly Letter: Man, Created Single, Can Transform the World

In preparation for Rosh Hashana – we present a letter where the Rebbe points to the interesting fact that man, unlike other species, was created single and underlines the significance of this fact: Man, one single person, has the capacity and power to “transform” the world. Each Jew has the fullest capacity and duty to reach the highest degree of fulfillment and do the same for the world of Creation.

Picture of the Day

With Tishrei Guests pouring into Crown Heights, the 71st Precinct has taken measures to protect the community. The usual street vendors were prohibited from opening up shop in front of 770, and this sign was placed above the Shul entrance.

Here’s My Story: Unlocking the Gate of Trust

Several weeks ago, we published a story from an anonymous source for the first time. This inspired one reader, who had a very moving encounter with the Rebbe during a particularly difficult time in his life, to come forth and share his experience in writing.