Hatzalah Launches in Houston Texas

Houston Texas, home to a growing Jewish community, has launched its own Hatzalah Volunteer EMS division. Hatzalah is a volunteer organization that provides lifesaving services with fast response times, and the care of a neighbor.

Picture of the Day

As thousands of New York City Police Officers descended on Crown Heights in preparation for the West Indies Day (Labor Day) Parade, one young Lubavitcher took it upon himself to make sure the officers felt welcome. He was caught on camera handing out cookies to the men in blue as they prepared to protect the streets of Crown Heights.

Darchai Menachem Staff Orientation 5780

In preparation for the upcoming school year, Darchai Menachem staff participated in a week-long orientation and training. Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, Dr. Saul Kamelhar, Darchai Menachem Director and Principal Rabbi Eyal Bension, Mesivta Menahel Rabbi Dovid Marozov and Assistant Principal Rabbi Aharon Simon, discussed strategies and goals for educators to successfully fulfill their important shlichus of chinuch.