Hatzalah Volunteer Assaulted in Boro Park, Assailant in Custody

A Hatzalah volunteer was assaulted Monday afternoon, prompting a large response by both Boro Park Shomrim and Hatzalah. The assailant crashed his vehicle as he attempted to get away, and was taken into custody.

by CrownHeights.info

A Hatzalah volunteer had a glass bottle thrown at him in Boro Park Monday afternoon, triggering a massive response from both Boro Park Shomrim and Hatzalah.

The events unfolded on 13th Ave and 46th Street, where the man threw the bottle at the Hatzalah volunteer, lightly injuring him.

A Hatzalah volunteer made a call for help on his radio, prompting the dual response.

The assailant jumped into his car in an attempt to flee the scene, but crashed his car just two blocks away onĀ 12th Ave and 45th Street.

Boro Park Shomrim were on scene until the police arrived, and took the assailant into custody.

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