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Making the perfect sign that will catch a persons attention, and attract them to come to a farbrengen is always a challenge. Sometimes though, simplicity, a tight budget along with a little creativity, can do the trick.

Yeshiva Ktana of Moscow Spends the Summer Learning in Montreal

The students of Mosow’s yeshiva ktana spent the summer months in Montreal, Canada, as part of their yeshivas kayitz program. In a peaceful and quiet environment they continued to delve into their studies. Their dedicated staff accompanied them, guiding and supporting their progress. Friday afternoons saw the students actively working with Montreal’s Jewish Russian immigrants, in coordination with the local Shluchim. The best Rabbis and Mashpiim were brought in from the U.S. and Canada to farbreng with the boys on various occasions.

Heat Wave Today in NYC, Remember to Hydrate

A heat wave has hit NYC Monday, making temperatures soar into the upper 90’s. New York City Emergency Management Department and the Health Department advised New Yorkers to take precautions to beat the heat, with the National Weather Service having issued a Heat Advisory through 8:00pm Monday.

Palestinian Authority Intelligence Services Issue Secret Report Warning of Wave of Terrorism, Popular Uprising in West Bank

Palestinian Authority intelligence services have authored a secret report that warns of a major impending crisis in the Fatah-ruled West Bank, including a new wave of terrorism and a possible popular uprising. The report, obtained by Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot, was written specifically for the leaders of the PA security forces and issued just before the murder of Israeli yeshiva student Dvir Sorek in the West Bank earlier this month.

Jordanian Parliament Calls to Reconsider Peace Treaty With Israel

The Jordanian Parliament has recommended that the Jordanian government re-examine its peace treaty with Israel, Sky News reported Monday. According to the report, Jordan’s Parliament recommended the country expel Israel’s ambassador, recall the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, and re-examine the peace agreement between the two countries.