8:00pm: What Can We Do to Increase Security in Crown Heights? (Postponed)

The topics in this week’s 273rd episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Does Judaism Have a Place for Skeptics? What Should Be the Public Role of Jewish Women? Chassidus Applied to Chof Av, Eikev and Elul; Is There a Lesson from Every Single Word in Torah? Please Shed Some Light on How We Are to Approach Davening in Our Current Modern World; What Can We Do to Increase Security in Crown Heights?

Arson Comes to Northern Israel, Town Evacuated

Hezbollah terrorists on Friday ignited a fire near the Israeli border. The strong winds fanned the flames, thick smoke covered the Naftali Mountains, and the fire crossed the border into Israel, threatening an IDF base and the Galilee town of Margaliot.

JEM: A Viable Relationship

A young woman turned to the Rebbe for advice. She was contemplating marriage to a young man whose level of Jewish observance was quite different from hers. Did the Rebbe think their relationship was viable?

Body of Missing Israeli Woman Found in Ethiopia

The body of Israeli hiker Aya Na’amana, a 22-year-old student from Araba in the Galilee, was found in Ethiopia. Na’amana went on a trip as part of a Technion delegation, where she studied as a student. She became separated from the group during a trip to the Salt Desert in Danakil, Ethiopia.

Three Terrorists Killed Attempting to Infiltrate Israel

Three terrorists were killed attempting to infiltrate Israel from the Gaza Strip overnight Saturday, according to reports by Arab media sources. IDF forces had spotted the terrorists attempting to cross the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip. An IDF helicopter and tank fired at the terrorists to prevent the infiltration, reportedly killing three and injuring a fourth terrorist.