Picture of the Day

In another move into space, Israel will soon be launching its Amos 17 communications satellite through SpaceX. In the photo you see the control room from where the Israeli Amos 17 will be launched.

Video of the Day

Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim (YKY), run by Rabbi Shmulik Schneerosn and Rabbi Yosef Avtzon, were videoed singing Ani Maamin while on a trip to Yad VaShem. Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim is in its first year, and has seen amazing success.

JEM: Customizable Booklet Makes For Educational Gift

My Encounter’s latest project, Exceptional Wisdom for Exceptional Children, is now available for personal customization. The booklet features a moving story, bringing to light the Rebbe’s ideology on dealing with children with special needs. The booklet makes a great gift; and parents, supporters, and volunteers of organizations that work with such children are sure to be inspired and empowered from reading it.

Israeli Intelligence Thwarts Hamas Bomb Attack in Jerusalem

It was permitted to be published that the General Security Service, in collaboration with the IDF and the Israeli police, recently thwarted a bomb attack intended to be carried out in Jerusalem, after they uncovered a ready-to-operate explosive device in Hevron, as well as a sabotage lab where it was assembled.