Beth Rivkah Encourages Parents To Add Their Voice Against State Mandated Education Requirements

In a letter to parents, Rabbi Leibel Newman, the Dean of Beth Rivkah Girls School, encouraged parents to join in and voice there opposition to the proposed guidelines that would mandate hours of secular subjects in Yeshivos:

Dear Parent,

We all are מתפלל that these days will be transformed into days of שמחה and גאולה. The Rebbe tells us that Hashem provides us with a סימן of what we will soon experience by prefacing our present חודש with חודש תמוז חודש הגאולה – the month of the נצחון of the Frierdike Rebbe against the terrible גזירות of the Communists. The main thrust of the Communist efforts to squash Yiddishkeit was directed against the chinuch of Jewish children. Unfortunately, today in our free country of America, we find ourselves in a very similar situation. New York State wants to control the חינוך we provide in our schools. They want to dictate the amount of time a child must learn secular subjects, as well as what they learn.

A concerted effort has been undertaken by all mosdos across New York to prevent this from taking place ח”ו. We need your help to send an email to the State Education Dept. expressing your strong objection. The more emails they receive, the more clout we have to abolish this terrible גזירה . The link below will direct you to the site where you can sign the petition and send your email. We are asking you to take a few moments to sign and send an email by following all the instructions which are very simple and brief.

We trust that through our tefilos and actions Hashem will be מבטל their intentions.

May we all be zoche to the brocha of יהפכו ימים אלו לששון ולשמחה and may we see how the Rebbe leads us into the גאולה האמיתית והשלימה בקרוב ממש.

Wishing you a געזונטן זומער!

Rabbi Leibel Newman

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