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Weekly Letter: The Ownership of Eretz Yisroel

This Parsha teaches of the partitioning of Eretz Yisrael among the Twelve Tribes upon entering the land. In this connection we bring a letter of the Rebbe in which he discusses the issue of present day Eretz Yisrael – where discussion has been taking place regarding the “giving back of the territories for the sake of peace.” There are those whose wrongful approach claims that the Land is ours because of the Balfour Declaration and the goodwill of the United Nations – and it is these people who are ready to give away parts of it for the sake of a nonexistent peace. Yet the ones who base their claim to the land upon the G-d given Torah, where G-d has given it to us as an inheritance, promised to our ancestors, the patriarchs – these people stand loyal to our inheritance.

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Rabbi Gershon Avtzon of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, gave the invocation in the House of Representatives in Washington DC on Thursday. Following that, during an impromptu dance outside the capital, Senator Portman decided to join in for the dance.

Consumers Could Get up to $20,000 Apiece in Equifax Settlement

Two years after Equifax revealed that hackers accessed the personal information of up to 147 million people, the credit bureau’s newly-announced settlement for up to $700 million will provide cash payments for those who have been affected — but there are some key requirements people should be aware of before they file a claim.

Here’s My Story: The Pivotal Kodak Moment

Rabbi Gershon Schusterman served as a Chabad emissary in southern California for 18 years (from 1971 to 1989). Since then, he has been engaged in private enterprise in Los Angeles, while continuing to serve as a counselor and spiritual mentor to the Chabad community and writing on Jewish topics.