JEM: New Lag B’Omer Photos From 5 Collections

Just in time for Lag B’omer, the Living Archive is pleased to publish new photos from 5 different collections. The archival team has been hard at work with the latest collections received, and the new Lag B’omer photos have just been scanned, restored and cataloged. Here we present over 400 new photos from the 5 collections of Gershon Schusterman, Yossi Goldstein, Shmuel Rivkin, Velvel Schildkraut and Avraham Slavin.

Weekly Letter: The Month of Iyar, The Month of Healing

In the spirit of the month of Iyar, traditionally known as the “Month of Healing”, we present a letter of the Rebbe in which he gives encouraging advice to a sculptor about caring for one’s health – in light of the parsha and the teachings of the RAMBAM. Also a letter in which the Rebbe explains the meaning of the Torah giving a doctor the competence to heal (rappo ye’rappeh).