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Break-In King Back on the Streets of Crown Heights

Derrick Nelson, a serial car break in offender, is back on the streets of Crown Heights after a lengthy absence. Nelson possibly holds the record for perpetrating the most car break-ins in the Crown Heights area. He has been arrested numerous times, and after being released, does it again every time.

Texting Teens Compete in Jewish Knowledge

At seven o’clock, every Monday and Thursday evening, the cell phones of over 3,000 Jewish teens around the United States and Canada buzz as they receive a text message with a Jewish question and a multiple-choice answer. JText, as the program is called, engages teens using the medium most comfortable to them, offering an opportunity to learn more about Judaism with a tap on their phones.

Need a Shidduch? Devorah Benjamin Has an Idea!

Over Three years ago an idea was born, for a nominal fee of $100, Devorah Benjamin of KSCVK will take your name, the name of your child, friend or relative and daven at the Ohel for a shidduch. The money will go straight to KSCVK’s fund for Crown Heights Chassanim and Kallos.