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In Shocking Move, Al Sharpton Invited to Speak at Jewish Conference

Al Sharpton, widely believed to be an anti-Semite, has shockingly been invited to speak at a Jewish conference in Washington. The conference is affiliated with the Reform movement.


The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism has shockingly invited Al Sharpton, who is widely believed to be an anti-Semite, to speak at an upcoming conference.

The conference, titled “Consultation on Conscience,” which will be taking place in Washington DC, has promoted him as  the “founder and President of the National Action Network … a not-for-profit civil rights organization that was formed in 1991,” and called him “one of the nation’s most renowned civil rights leaders.”

Al Sharpton is perhaps best known for his role in instigating the Crown Heights Riots of 1991, in which a Lubavitcher was murdered. Al Sharpton has never apologized for his role in the events.

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