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JEM: Mivtzoim – Spreading The Joy

Ever since the Rebbe instituted mivtzoim, (Jewish outreach), chassidim have gone out on Purim, spreading joy and Jewish pride. To army bases and hospitals, orphanages and street corners, everyone is encouraged to get involved and fulfill the mitzvos of the day. The Living Archive has collected fascinating pictures of Purim mivtzoim through the years. Here are a few pictures from that collection. 

Chevra Anshei Lubawitz of Boro Park Seeks Landmark Status

Chevra Anshei Lubawitz Synagogue in Boro Park, one of the oldest shuls in Brooklyn, will soon be going up for a vote on Landmark status, which would permanently stop a plan to demolish it. The plan has been on hold as control of the property is being litigated in court.

Picture of the Day

Former President Bill Clinton met Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld from the OK at an event last night. When President Clinton heard that Rabbi Weinfeld was the one who arranged the proper Mechiras Chometz last year for one of the largest beer distributors in the country, he came over and thanked him for his great contribution to the USA and the Jewish nation.

Video of the Day

People walking on Sterling St Wednesday morning, were treated to a pleasant and unexpected experience. A piano that had been put on the curb was found by a talented passerby, who decided to give the piano a beautiful farewell.

How the Rebbe Saved Bochurim from the Vietnam War: A New Volume of the Rebbe’s Sichos

Just in time for Purim, the 64th volume of Toras Menachem has arrived in stores. The new book, published by Vaad Hanochos B’Lahak contains the Rebbe’s Sichos and Maamarim from Shabbos Parshas Tzav – this week’s parsha – through Yud Beis Tammuz 5731 (1971), and is being snatched from shelves to serve as the best Chassidisher Mishloach Manos of the season.