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What if you get the guy you are trying to help really angry at you? To answer the question, Gutman Locks, who puts on Tefilin with Jews at the Kotel, tells a story of a Bochur in LA who asked a man to put on Tefilin.

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8:00pm: How Should We React to the Recent Mezuzah Controversy?

The topics in this week’s 243rd episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: How Should We React to the Recent Mezuzah Controversy? Mazel: Do Jewish People Have Luck? What Did the Rebbe Mean by Calling Someone a “Plain-Clothed Chassid”? Is There an Intrinsic Value to Keeping Chassidus in Its Pristine State and Not Trying to Apply It to Specific Situations? Why Is 770 Not Kept Neater? Is G-d Inside or Outside of Us?

Camp Emunah Announces New Staff

Camp Emunah the first Lubavitch Camp, founded in 1953 under the directive of the Rebbe announces new camp Ruchniyus staff. Rabbi Dovber and Srula Chaiton have joined the leadership of the junior division of Camp Emunah.