Sifting Through the Burnt Embers of Paradise

With 76 Dead and 1,200 Missing, Chabad of Chico has stepped up all its efforts in helping a devastated community recover. From monetary and physical support, to emotional and spiritual support, Chabad has begun setting the groundwork of healing.

Use Airbnb? Not in The West Bank

The Airbnb online rental marketplace announced that it will no longer list homes in Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria following years of criticism of the company for allowing such listings.

Netanyahu Coalition Government to Remain

Netanyahu’s Coalition government, which appeared to be on the brink of collapse following the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, will remain. Both Bennet and Shaked, key players in the government, have decided to remain in the coalition.

Before Amazon was Born, There was

Did you know that not only predates (and its briefly floated original name, Cadabra), but also such other early tech titans as Yahoo, eBay and The New York Times’ web presence? Launched in the fall of 1993, was one of the first 500 websites created after the birth of web in 1991.