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Bar Mitzvah at Age 70 on Top of the Rockies

It was a cloudless day on Monday in Telluride, Colo., a small Western town high in the Rocky Mountains filled with forests and rivers. Telluride is full of tourists this time of year. “As I passed the busy town park, I saw two young men in the crowd. Their appearance was very distinctive, and I immediately recognized them as Jewish men.”

New Gourmet Food Cart Opens in Brooklyn Heights

Today there are no Kosher options in the entire Downtown Brooklyn area. There are also no wholesome, gourmet food carts or trucks in the area – for Kosher eaters and non-Kosher eaters alike. By using natural, minimally processed beef and serving handcrafted Burgers prepared fresh daily, JJ’s Holy Cow will shift consumer expectations of what a food cart can offer, as well as provide tens of thousands of Kosher consumers with great food.

Video: Know Your Life Purpose in 3 Minutes

No two people have the same fingerprints, and no two people have the same life mission. Finding your path in life can be a challenge. While it’s clear that humanity has a purpose, sometimes figuring out our unique purpose can seem daunting. In earlier generations, one might consult the local prophet to look over his soul and give direction. Being that this isn’t an option today, how do we go about figuring out the what our unique purpose is? Rabbi Pinchas Taylor lays out 5 tips which the sages discuss in order to help make that determination.

Chabad Settles on the Shores of Ibiza, Spain

From by Menachem Posner: The Spanish island of Ibiza has long been famous for its pristine Mediterranean waters, stunning and often secluded beaches, and rollicking nightlife. For the past month, however, it’s seen something new: a Chabad House on its shores, […]

Teens and Seniors Link Hearts

“Look, I can speak to my grandkids with this!” Holly Cohen, a resident at Bristal Assisted Living facility, exclaims. She’s holding an iPad, a gift from her son that she’s using for the first time. Billy Gold is the middle school student who helped her navigate the software. He’s part of a committed group that visits monthly from Valley Chabad of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.