‘MyLife’ Chasidus Essay Contest Launched

In honor of 24 Teves, the 204th Yartzeit of the Alter Rebbe, this past Sunday, the Meaningful Life Center launched its third annual MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest. Receiving over 1,000 submissions during its first two years, the revolutionary initiative has blossomed into a movement, energizing and incentivizing Jews the world over to apply concepts and methodologies of Chabad Chassidus to contemporary life.

Florida Shliach Sues Deutsche Bank for $3 Billion

The Wertheim Trust for Jewish Education, a non-profit that was formed by Rabbi Aron Lieberman, director of Chabad of Greater Ft. Lauderdale, is suing Deutsche Bank, saying they are the rightful heirs to the assets of what was one of pre-war Germany’s wealthiest families. Their estimates put the amount of the assets in question at $3 billion.

Friendship Circle Girls Enjoy Zumba Recital

A winter Motzei Shabbos may seem to drag on and on, but for a group of young woman with special needs, it never seemed long enough: The Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s Young Adult Division (Girls) recently completed a 9 week ZUMBA fitness workshop. Under the direction of Mushki Tenenbaum and Zumba instructor Numi Perla, 40 girls got together every Saturday evening for sixty minutes of ‘non-stop’ dance and exercise.

Picture of the Day: Letters Give Light

Chasidic Artist Yitzchok Moully’s latest masterpiece is an engraved rendering of the first page of Tanya, with letters that give off a shining light. “When we learn the Tanya we reveal the hidden light; the letters of the Tanya are the source of the light,” the artist says.

New Caledonia: 91st Country/Territory with Chabad

The temperature is in the mid-80s right now in New Caledonia. The sun beckons, the sea sparkles, and the Jewish community . . . well, it’s small. An estimated 250 Jews live in this archipelago in the Southwest Pacific out of a total population of about 268,000. It is the 91st country/territory to have a Chabad center.