The Chess Grandmaster and the Lubavitcher Rebbes

Samuel Herman Reshevsky (1911-1992) won the U.S. Chess Championship seven times, and at one point he put together an incredible streak, between 1936 and 1942, of 75 games without a loss in U.S. Championship competition. He scored spectacular victories in international tournaments, defeating seven world champions including Bobby Fischer (Fischer’s only loss in tournament competition). He was also a close acquaintance of the previous and current Lubavitcher Rebbes, reveals The Jewish Press.

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Resolving Strike, Beth Rivka to Begin School

Beth Rivkah administration have announced that a strike by its teachers has been resolved and the first school day – some ten days late – will be this Thursday for High School and Wednesday for Elementary. Full schedule inside.

Illinois Neighbors Help Renovate New Chabad House

Ever since they moved to Vernon Hills nearly seven years ago, Rabbi Shimmy and Rochel Susskind have been renting spaces for the community programs and services they’ve organized. Hebrew school, synagogue services, adult classes and more were conducted in a nearby Montessori school, the Doubletree Hotel, and in the Susskind living room.

New Shluchim to Jersey Shore

Rabbi Meir Rapoport and his wife Shaina are opening a Chabad Jewish Center in Galloway, NJ, to serve the Jewish student community at Stockton University. As part of their new roles as directors of the Jewish center, they will host religious services, educational programs, social programs, Sabbath and holiday meals, and more.

Industry Veteran Shares Safety Tips for School Buses

Rabbi Moshe Shomer was the owner of a school bus company in Toronto for 30 years, usually operating a fleet of over 20 buses. Now semi-retired and living in Crown Heights, Rabbi Shomer compiled a list of school bus safety tips for both students and parents, culled from his decades of experience, which he offered to share with the Crown Heights community as the new school year begins.

Ukraine Yeshiva Moves to Spacious Campus

The school year commenced last Monday at Yeshiva Lubavitch Ukraine, beginning the fourth year since its founding with an added measure of excitement. The graduates of Shiur Gimmel, after three years of attaining remarkable achievements, have continued on to top yeshiva gedolas around the globe, making room for a fresh class of new and eager bochurim from all over Ukraine, Europe and Eretz Yisroel. The rented premises that the yeshiva occupied had become cramped as a result of the consistent growth in numbers of talmidim, and it became necessary to seek a more spacious campus.

Shluchim Receive Training on Cloud Platform

65 shluchim, shluchos and Chabad House administrators and staff from as close as New York’s Upper West Side and as far away as Hawaii and Thailand gathered at Chabad House Bowery for a new initiative called “Face-to-Face with ChabadOne,” a daylong immersive training conference on the manifold tools and services offered by’s ChabadOne platform.

Kapporos Ritual Threatened in New York by Lawsuit

A lawsuit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court against several rabbis and the city by a group of animal rights activists who want to stop the Chasidic Jewish ritual called Kapporos, which takes place every year on the eve of Yom Kippur.