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Condo For Sale In Crown Heights

New York Times Slanders Shomrim

The New York Times has published a scathing article blasting Brooklyn’s Shomrim patrols, painting them as a menace to the non-Jewish residents of the city and questioning whether thy have a disproportionate amount of influence with the NYPD.

Crown Heights Eruv Is Up!

Despite opposition from local Halachic authorities, an Eruv has been erected around Crown Heights for the first time in history, enabling Jewish residents who choose to use it to carry and push strollers on Shabbos.

Shabbos at the Besht: Why Bug Me About Insects?

This Shabbos at the Besht, Rabbi Yosef Dovid Chanowitz, a Kosher Field Representative for the OK kosher certification agency, will lead a discussion on the topic: Why bug me about insects? A Halachic analysis on the current state of produce infestation.