Crown Heights Eruv Is Up!

Despite opposition from local Halachic authorities, an Eruv has been erected around Crown Heights for the first time in history, enabling Jewish residents who choose to use it to carry and push strollers on Shabbos.

The boundaries of the Crown Heights Eruv roughly are:

North: Pacific Street
South: Clarkson Ave
East: Buffalo Ave
West: Washington Ave

For exact boundaries, please consult the Eruv map by clicking here.

The Eruv is under the auspices of Congregation Kol Israel of Prospect Heights and their Rav, Rabbi Elkanah Schwartz,who has established the nearby eiruvim of Prospect Heights and Brower Park.

The Eruv is a welcome relief for many of the thousands of Jewish families in the neighborhood, especially those with infants and toddlers, who could not leave their homes on Shabbos together as a family.

This monumental achievement is not without controversy though, as several community leaders and Halachic authorities – including the Crown Heights Beis Din – have come out against the initiative. The Rebbe’s secretary, Rabbi Leibel Groner, published a scathing letter denouncing the Eruv and those who are behind it, and many have pledged not to use it.

Some members of the community who are in opposition to the Eruv have gone as far as releasing an anonymous ‘Pashkvil’ threatening to cut down the Eruv.

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  • Amazing!

    So happy this came about – now my wife can leave the house on Shabbos.

    • Ezra

      And she couldn’t before… why? Because you’re too busy eating at your shul kiddush and napping to take care of your kids yourself? Shame on you.

    • agreed

      The only reason a woman with a husband and children is “stuck” at home is if her husband doesn’t do his share of parenting.

    • A sad day for Lubavitch

      The opening sentence of this article says all you need to know. “Despite opposition from local Halachic authorities” is such a sadly accurate depiction of our generation’s lack of deference to and respect for Halachic experts and to people intimately familiar with the Rebbe’s opinion on this matter. I sincerely hope it will not become the norm for the average Chabad family to use this eruv.

    • Aliya duds,

      Now YOU can take the kids out & let your wife get something sleep….

    • Self righteous Ezra

      I love how you jump to conclusion that he is not helping out his wife with the kids.
      Maybe he actually enjoys spending time TOGETHER with his wife.

    • Ezra

      Yeah, right. That’s why he spoke of “my wife” being able to leave the house on Shabbos, not “my wife and I and our kids” being able to do so, huh?

  • Mordy

    yay yay yay this is a great kiddush hashem!!!!!
    we are so happy!! we should all make a shechiyanu

    • You are confused

      Rather than being a Kiddush Hashem, this is a Chillul Hashem.

      An Eiruv is a welcome thing when initialed מלמעלה למטה by Halachic authorities that believe it is necessary for the community.

      Any change in local custom that comes about מלמטה, especially if done in spite and against directives of local authorities, is nothing but a Chillul Hashem

  • sad day!!!

    It’s a sad day in Crown Heights, people living in the rebbe’s community are openly going against him.

    very very sad…

    • Milhouse

      Kol Israel is not in the Rebbe’s community, and has no reasaon to take his opinion into account. They have every right to build their eruv however big they want it.

    • Ezra

      And Shpitz’s response shows his utter bankruptcy as a pro-eruv voice. (Whether he is representative of others is a whole other question.)

      There is a mitzvah in the Torah of הוכח תוכיח. Is the answer to that, “Get a life”?

      We have a Rebbe whose opinion is sacred to us, as well it should be, since we are his chassidim and talmidim. _That_ is our life, and we need no other.

  • Finally!!!

    Yasher Koach for getting this done! Now so many that were carrying on shabbos won’t be mechalel shabbos!

  • The is a boss

    Instead of the Brocha of shechuyanu, the brocaha of dayan haemes can be made.

    An eruv that is erected contrarry to the opinion and beliefs and opinion of all the local chabad Rabbis.

    An eruv that just in the months of its rumor has caused people to carry believing there is eruv.

    An eruv that that will only bring the opposite of sholom and achdus to crown Heights.

    Sad that we came to this point.

    Sadly the Rabbonim now have the hard job of navigating this new challenge.

    • shpitz

      Eruv is a takana of the rabbis just fyi
      Live and let live.
      If you want to enforce your views on others you can happily move to new square or Williamsburg

    • Decency

      Shpitz go enforce your corrupted religious views somewhere else.
      The Rabbonim didnt erect it and rebbe opposes.

  • Pushing a stroller

    Pushing a stroller on shabbos by asking a gentile is chilul shabbos and now that there is an Eruv so many that were using this method are no longer mechalel shabbos! Baruch Hashem for the Eruv and thanks to all those involved to make it happen!

    • Get your facts straight

      There are definitely those who had a very legitimate heter to use a stroller (I know of cases with children with special needs who received a heter from a Crown Heights Rav.) This is totally different than using an “eruv” and does NOT justify the establishment and use of an eruv.

  • Dissapointed

    I mean I get that has some political leanings, and we all learned to live with it.
    But this is different. None of the Rabbonim of any stripes hold of it.
    Why you give these people space here?

  • YAY!!!!!

    I think whomever chooses to not use the eruv, shouldn’t. If there is vandalizing of the eruv, though I strongly assume there will be cameras pointed in that direction to see if and who would vandalize and they would then be prosecuted to the full extent of the law…bigger chillul Hashem than having the eruv erected. Anyone who does vandalize, therefore making the eruv possul, will be causing others to sin without them knowing they are doing so.
    I would love to see who will make a bigger deal of the eruv than the lack of tznius in the neighborhood.

  • eruv

    for crown hegihts to have an eruv it would have to have a crown heights rov give his haskama. If he is not a crown heights rov he has no right or power to give haskama here. therefore his haskama is not valid.
    This is the Rebbe’s shchuna, and for those going against the Rebbe’s will are in effect saying the Rebbe’s is gone, he no longer has a say in what happens here. so, just for the record, This will ALWAYS be the Rebbe’s shchuna and it is rather dangerous to start up with the Rebbe, ESPECIALLY now AFTER GIMMEL TAMUZ when the Rebbe is totally limitless. I feel the most sorry for the supposed rov that involved himself where he doesn’t belong (if for no other reason than he very obviously doesn’t know Halacha nor has any yiras shomayim). He should just be aware of the fact that this injustice to the Rebbe is dangerous territory to tread on – not just for him but for all those that will adhere to this unkosher eruv.

    • Jedi

      “ESPECIALLY now AFTER GIMMEL TAMUZ when the Rebbe is totally limitless”

      You do realize that your words are either Star Wars inspired or dangerously bordering on Avodah Zara, right?

    • Ezra

      Jedi, have you learned Tanya, Iggeres Hakodesh 27? If so, go and do so, and you’ll come across the expression (from Zohar) that a tzaddik after his passing אשתכח בכולהו עלמין יתיר מבחיוהי – is present in all worlds more so than during his physical lifetime (and the Alter Rebbe goes on to explain why this is so).

    • Milhouse

      Where is it written that an eruv requires the permission of all the rabbonim who happen to live within its boundaries? Where did you find such a halocho? It’s not in Shulchon Oruch.

  • D.L.

    This is a victory for women. To not be able to leave the house to go to shut or visit family because you have a baby is suffocating and unfair. Yay Eruv!

    • Ezra

      And your husband can’t take care of the baby for a little while so you can do one or another of those things… why?

  • Dan Botnick

    Another yerida for the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s sh’chuna. Tzinius is a dead issue here and from there goes everything else.

    • Pedant

      Just remember that there still are and will always be strong chassidim and strong chassidisher families who are dedicated to the Rebbe and his inyonim.

      The ‘tell me my obligation and I’ll do it’ chevra do not constitute the Chabad community no matter their numbers.

      So let the darchei noam, for the children, yidden enjoy their shabbos strolls on the shoulders of some misnaged in brooklyn and we will just keep on moving forward. We will bring Moshiach.

      It was a big brocho that Hashem arranged for the Rabbonim in schuna to have their say beforehand.

      If you are soldier of the Rebbe, a chossid of the Rebbe, you do not do this, and you teach your family the same.

      Gimmel tammuz is a helem sheain kimohu.

      A brocho to chassidim, that you continue have clarity in your homes and nachas fun kinder un kindts kinder.

      A brochu to nisht chassidim that you increase in limmud hachassidus.

      Moshiach now!

  • dangerous

    They are playing with fire.
    Directly against the Rebbe.
    But all the chachomim know better.
    Moshiach now.

    • shpitz

      Since when did u become an authority about what the rebbe was against or for? Stop talking from your….

    • Ezra

      Shpitz: commenter “dangerous” may not be an authority on what the Rebbe was against or for, but R. Groner is, and so are the rabbanim. Would you have the chutzpah to go to their face and say that you know better?

  • shpitz

    And here comes all the negative comments:
    But the rebbe was against it!
    The rabonim are against!
    We are going to cut it down!
    Modern orthodox get out of ch!
    Mechalel Shabbos!

    Can’t wait to see all the neturei karta throwing stones this Shabbos:)

    Peace and love

    Mr. Shpitz

  • happy happy

    Let the men stay home for 30 years and never leave the house shabbas

    WE LOVE YOU RABBI SCHWARTZ and the ANASH who did this

  • Mike

    This so-called eruv changes nothing. Those who use it are only fooling themselves. What’s the Chassidic saying about fooling yourself?

    • Milhouse

      Why do you think it doesn’t change anything? If it’s a kosher eruv, then it’s kosher no matter who was for or against making it. If it’s a kosher eruv then people who carry are keeping Shabbos.

      The whole discussion over whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea is now irrelevant, just as the whole machlokes about whether a Jewish state should be established in Eretz Yisroel became irrelevant the moment it was established.

      The big question to be answered is who gives the hechsher, what sort of mechitzos or tzuros hapesach it has, and which opinions it follows or doesn’t follow. Once we have that information each person can decide for himself whether to rely on it, but nobody has the right to denounce someone else’s contrary decision.

  • Live and let live

    Live and let live
    If you want to use it: use it.
    If you don’t like it: don’t use it.
    To each their own.
    Maybe if everyone just worried about their own lives and stopped trying to control others: there would be less anger and strife amongst us all.
    Shabbat shalom to all!

    • Live and let live in our schools

      Do as you please, but all schools that call themselves Lubavitch schools should emphasize that a any jew, let alone anyone who would like to be called a Lubavitcher, should NEVER go against local Rabbonim.

      Let the children question their parents ill-advised actions.

      The only way to stop the decay and decline is by raising the level of education for love for Hashem, Torah, the Rebbe and every jew.

  • ch resident

    The Rebbe was never against an Eruv get you facts straight people.

    Thank you to who worked on this long overdue Project it is greatly appreciated

  • a rebellion

    the work of a few pruztim and prutzos, disregarding pushing the Rebbe out of CH.

    What’s next? tznius- shorts

    • Milhouse

      How dare you call the good people of Kol Israel such names? They are not Lubavitchers, they never have been, and owe no deference to the Rebbe’s opinions. They follow halacha, and that’s all you can ask of them.

  • Shpitz the Ditz

    To Shpitz,

    Don’t say that everyone who against the eruv is wrong. The Rebbe specifically said that there cannot be an eruv in Crown Heights and anything you say is not going to change that.

    To go even further, even Rav Moshe Feinstein A’H said that there could not be an eruv in Crown Heights,

    And by the way Shpitz, YOU are the one with the negative comments.

    • Milhouse

      What do you mean “even” Reb Moshe? He was the one who came up with a “crazy” chumra, which he admitted made him a daas yochid, and nobody had to accept it. He never said there could not be an eruv in Crown Heights, or anywhere in Brooklyn. On the contrary, when the Flatbush rabbonim asked him for his haskomo to an eruv he said that while he could not agree to it, they were free to make one on their own authority.

    • a chossid

      you COULD challenge that: the rebbe never said that there cant be an eruv in ch. (rabbig groner… vd”l)

    • Milhouse

      See שדי חמד, ע׳ חנופה, that anyone with smicha may be called horav hagaon.

  • NewJew

    Now when i go jogging i can carry a bottle of water.

    My kids could take out their scooters and bikes.

  • Sad day

    This marks for some the beginning of the descent in yiras shomayim. it is the erev rav we got.

    Mark my words: what else does Dovi Schwartz and his accomplices have on the list for changing CH?!

    • Milhouse

      Who’s Dovi Schwartz? The rov of Kol Israel is R Elkonoh Schwartz, and his duty is to his own congregation, not to the Lubavitchers who happen to live near them.

  • I spy

    Rabbi Schwartz is not a Rov hes a pulpit rabbi.
    By his own admission he does not know hilchos Eruvin but is being somech on the Rov who made the eruv but does not want his name publicied.
    anyone with any Yiras Shomayim should not use the Eruv till all the details come out & our rabbonim agree with it.

  • John

    I carry in Crown Heights regardless of an eiruv. Now when I take my phone with me on shabbos the number of la’avim are drastically reduced. No more guilty feeling for me.

  • mekusher or not

    Now will the women push in their sheitels or not? CH chabadnics see standards slip down the drain. … the world is watching.

  • Anonymous

    When will there be an eruv on empire blvd?? We need one on the other side of crown heights.

  • Mordy

    The rebbe wanted the Eruv… some ppl just lied in the rebbe’s name for political reason… Rabonim here are weak that they are not standing up whats right and endorsing the eruv…

    its a clear halacha that if you can make a eruv it needs to be done!!!

    • Ezra

      Perhaps, then, you can explain why if, as you claim, the Rebbe wanted an eruv, none was erected in all the years of his nesius? Do you think he was unaware of your “clear halacha”? That alone speaks volumes.

  • Anonymous

    Personally passed by some of the streets, saw absolutely no sigh of an eruv…. Im no expert, so cant be sure I didn’t miss anything… but nothing like what was shown in pictures…
    A word of cuation to the g-d fearing wise…..

  • Ari

    For all those who dont consider themselves Lubavitcher Chassidim, good for you, enjoy carrying within an Eiruv.
    For all those who would like to consider themselves as part of Lubavitch, before you step out of the house holding your tallis tomorrow morning, you might want to declare first to yourself – “i am about to carry outside, where the Alter Rebbe Paskens there is currently no Eruv, and therefore there is Chilul Shabbos, and i am happy that there is an Eruv where the Rebbe was against.

    I have new Poskim who i follow, the Alter Rebbe isnt my posek anymore, and as for my Rebbe, well, i guess maybe I’ll try to follow in his ways some other time”.

    Have a Good Shabbos!

    • Milhouse

      The Alter Rebbe paskens like the majority of rishonim, according to whom this eruv is certainly kosher. He merely recommends that one should be machmir for oneself. So you’re correct that if this eruv is not according to the Rambam then no chossid should use it; but don’t exaggerate and say that the AR holds there’s no eruv at all. What he holds is that there’s an eruv which you shouldn’t use. (That is, if this is not a Rambam eruv. I don’t know, and would like to find out.)

    • Milhouse

      Shpitz, there is no such thing as “cholov stam”. There is only cholov akum, which is treif, and cholov yisroel, which is kosher.

      If you mean that you rely on Reb Moshe’s opinion that packaged commercial milk is cholov yisroel, then you are not a Lubavitcher, but yes, you are a frum Jew, because you have the right to rely on that opinion.

      However, you must then also accept Reb Moshe’s opinion that a city where 600K people are on the streets at once is a reshus horabim. You do not have the right to follow מקולי בית שמאי ומקולי בית הלל. The gemoro says such a person is a rosho.

  • Yehudis Kaplan CNM ARNP

    During my years as a midwife and women’s health specialist in Crown Heights, I cared for many women whose mental, spiritual and physical health were adversely affected by the stress and hardships of having to stay at home alone with their large families, isolated for hours while young husbands frebrenged or davvened. Sholom Bayis suffered as well, and I personally know of some divorces that might have been averted had there been more compassionate consideration in finding heterim for this situation. After having labored to “make Shabbos” during the week, young women, often without family support, were unable even to gather together on Shabbos for support and companionship with other young mothers in the same situation. Their mesiras nefesh in making and keeping Shabbos was unappreciated and unacknowledged.
    I consider an eruv in Crown Heights to be a necessary and healthy institution which will contribute to Shmirat Shabbos more than deter.

    • Chaim H.

      Here’s an idea…
      How about the husbands step it up and be good fathers and good husbands?

      This my sister might be the real solution to this manufactured problem.

    • Emotions Raging

      Bought tears to my eyes. So true.
      Um… On second thought maybe if the Husband would care more he would come home earlier…… Or babysit his kids too a little on Shabbos…..

    • no drinking

      As said before maybe the husband’s could come home instead of drinking and let there wife go out while they care for the kids

  • Eli

    Aside from all the issues with this eiruv, only a fool would assume it is up, as hundreds of CH residents have repeatedly vowed to destroy it. It will not stand a SINGLE Shabos and that’s a promise!

    • Milhouse

      Anyone who says they would sabotage the eruv is automatically a rosho and possul le’eidus, so nobody need pay any attention to his words. Once the eruv has been checked and has been announced to be up for that shabbos, one has the right to carry until one is reliably informed that it is definitely down. Even if in fact it is down, those who have not been informed of this fact are allowed to carry.

  • We have no Rabbonim

    The Rabbonim do not even talk to each other and each hold that the other ones Hescher is TRAIF

    Thanks Rabbi Schwartz for listinging to the Kehilas needs.

    I will be the first to go to his site and donate!!!

  • Rabbi Schwartz

    Is only doing this at the request of hundreds of families who will use it.


    Rabbi Levi Gorelicker

  • Rabbi Osdaba

    Is actually for the ERUV is you read his first letter. But then he relied on Rabbi Groner who is highly not reliable and the REBBE said himself do not listen to things said in my name by my secreteriart

    • Pedant

      This is a falsehood. The second letter mentioned that if the need would arise the intent behind the first would be explained.

      You’ve no need to trust my word at all, but I will put this out there anyways.

      I have very close to first hand knowledge of the intent behind the first letter, the intent was that since any erection of an eruv needs to be in accordance with the local rabbonim and that since they had not been approached, that there was nothing at all to talk about.

      The intent was to dismiss the seriousness of what at the time to many was, mistakenly, a tempest in an internet teapot.

      Yes, a fair reading could interpret the first letter as leaving things open, but that was not the intent. But no fair reading had Rabbi Osdaba as being ‘for’ an Eruv. That assertion is either a reading comprehension error or a memory error or a broken telephone error or it is simply being made in bad faith.

      Further, yes, the second letter relied on Rabbi Groner as you say, but what you do not say for whatever reason is that the second letter also very clearly specified that it was not halachically possible to erect a Kosher eruv around Crown Heights irrespective of that it may be possible to do so in other areas. — That was an Halachic ruling.

      In the end, do what you will, but don’t misrepresent the words of Rabbonim.

  • Rabbi Schwartz

    Interesting how all of sudden everyone know rabbi schwartz. Would you ask him a medical halacha question? I think you would first find out if he is an authority on medical issues. The same should be here. I never heard of rabbi schwartz and googling him did not find his name anyway connected to being an eiruv authority. I am not against of for the eiruv. Let people decide on their own what they want to do or hwom they want to follow. Just want you to make your due diligence research.

    • Milhouse

      He is not an authority on hilchos eruvin, and doesn’t pretend to be. He is the rov of the shul that put it up, and he found them an expert in hilchos eruvin to advise them. The eruv is under that expert’s hechsher. No, I don’t know who it is. I’ve been told it’s someone from Lakewood.

  • lol

    Its not even in the Crown Heights shcuna! Anyone who lives out there and decides to use it, that is on your own head. Lubavitch as a group does not rely on an eruv. If one does decide to use it, please do it at your own discretion. Further more if you plan on using it, it would be appreciated if you made it very clear you are doing it on your own and not as a Lubavitcher.
    thank you
    some who is proud to be called a Lubavitcher and live up to its standards.

    • Citizen

      In Russia there is a little city or village called ‘Lubavitch’. Currently (as in the past) there lives in Lubavitch gentiles (Goyim), those Goyim are citizens of Lubavitch, thus making them (also) Lubavitchers?

      Are you also a Lubavitcher citizen (as they are)?

  • shpitz

    We live here too you know. We pay rent and raise kids here. We now have our Eruv. Slowly but surely we are taking control of how we live our lives here.

    • Ezra

      The neighborhood wouldn’t exist as a Jewish neighborhood, and you wouldn’t be living in it, were it not for the Rebbe. A vast number of people in it – myself included; don’t know about you – wouldn’t know the first thing about Yiddishkeit were it not for the Rebbe. So the most basic hakoras hatov – which is a fundamental of Yiddishkeit, indeed of being a human being – would be to not go against the Rebbe’s quite clearly expressed wishes of what should and shouldn’t be done in this neighborhood.

  • Glad to have the eruv

    I don’t understand why everyone is standing behind a bris din that is corrupt and is not even an active beis din. To me the opinion they make is invalid. I definetly value the opinion of the rebbe but I do feel times have changed slightly and the community as well. There is a need for this simply because there is a good amount of people who are carrying anyways. People are free to make their own decision to use it. There is no need for threats from rabbonim.

  • Okay okay everybody calm down

    I think you all just need to get a life. Seriously, go find another profession rather than crying on comments. I mean for real, is this what you do all day? Start fights and tears on a darn news website?! At least go comment by the simchas, make people happy, but stop causing problems and fights.
    If you want to use it, go right ahead, if you don’t want to use it, don’t use it. But stop putting other people down, whether you “know the facts” or not.
    Just stop.
    We’re all Jews, we all have different standards. So even if you think it’s wrong, keep your stupid comments to yourself, and stop making other people feel bad. It doesn’t matter what chabad and Lubavitcher actually is. Omg. Stop hurting others. Whatever you’re saying about the rebbe wanting this, and the rebbe wanting that, well a small price of information that you cannot argue about, is that what’s going on right here, right now, is without a doubt, NOT what the rebbe wants.
    Thank you.
    Devorah Leah Z.

    • Did you learn no mentschlichkeit from the Rebbe?

      You are a voice of reason in this narishkeit. I believe the Rebbe would be far less upset over the eruv than he would be about Jews destroying other Jews in his name.

    • Ezra

      By that logic, Devorah Leah, anything and everything should go. Jews want to open a treife restaurant, or a place like the one that was attacked in Orlando, or a shul that doesn’t conform to halachic standards, etc. – then according to you that’s okay; they have different standards and you shouldn’t make them feel bad.

      Protesting should indeed be done with Ahavas Yisroel. But protesting needs to be done all the same.

  • Don't Carry on Shabbos

    This ERUV does NOT cover the Jewish community of Crown Heights.Please be sure to check its’ boundaries before you carry outside.

  • S.M

    The people who are considering this eiruv, should also take a booklet and a pen and write down each time that they caryed on shabbos, and when moshiach will come they’ll have to ask the beit din in the holly temple if they need to bring a certain number of sacrifices “chatoos”
    This eiruv is against most of the rabonim of CH for halachic reasons,
    the people that do not care the position of the rabonim. Are “amei Hooretz” or conservative
    Hupfully the community will be strong and never start thinking that something changed on shabbos.
    A gut shabbos

    • Milhouse

      There is not one objective halocho. IF the Beis Din Hagodol will pasken like the Rambam, then this eruv will become possul *from then on*. It will not have been possul retroactively, and those who carried will not have to bring a chatos.

      (Actually nobody will have to bring a chatos anyway, because there’s no question that mid’oraisa one may certainly carry.)

  • shabbos HELP

    erev shabbos and some people have too much time on their hands to posting long comments. maybe put down the cell phones and help your wifes out get ready for shabbos. Im sure that is what the rebbe would have wanted. not a long debate instead!

  • nisht mein Rov

    I wanted to take a certain chosid to a Bavusta Rov in Crown Heights. The Rov told me please take him elsewhere, he will not listen to me .So I went out of the Shecuna to a different Rov. So my Rov is a Rabbi out of Crown Heights. They Pasken the eruv is Kosher.So please Rabbonim don”t pick Halochos what you feel is good for you. Pick what is good for the community.
    I will just say if you eat Badatz Shechita, don’t carry in the Eruv. If you don”t eat Badatz Shechita, I say Ess un Gay Gezunteh Heit.

  • Eiruv down

    The other question is will they be honest when people rip it and inform everyone that it is down or will they deny it because it shows defeat and goes against their agenda.

    • Milhouse

      The eruv will be checked every week, and if it’s found to be down it will be repaired. Once it’s repaired and the status has been announced it will not be checked again until the following week. There is no reason to check it more often than that; in fact even once a week is a modern chumra. Once one is informed that it’s kosher one is permitted to carry until one is reliably informed otherwise. (And not by a rosho, such as one who admits that he is a vandal.)

  • Picaboo Shimon

    My predictions:

    1) now that there is an eruv, landlords will raise our rents 30% because they will consider the neighborhood better.

    2) every week five minutes before shabbos some zealots will vandalize the eruv leaving not enough time to fix it or inform the community it is broken and many people will be mechalel shabbos.

    3) landlords will not refund the 30% rent increase even though months have passed without the eruv being up without being vandalized for even one shabbos.

    • Milhouse

      People who carry after the eruv has been vandalized will not be mechalel shabbos. They will have the right to carry, and the responsibility for any chilul will be on the vandals.

  • The Crown Heights Beis DIn is not the Crown Heights Lubavitch Beis Din.

    The Crown Heights Beis DIn is not the Crown Heights Lubavitch Beis Din.
    In gimmel tamuz 5746 Rabbi Eliezer Zirkind wrote to the Rebbe that the elected Crown Heights Beis Din will be called
    “בי”ד רבני ליובאוויטש – קראון הייטס”
    The Rebbe wrote sharply against this proposed name and wrote:
    פירוש הצעתם – על פי שולחן ערוך – שכל אלה שבשכונה ואינם ליובאוויטש יבחרו רבנים ובית דין וכו’.

    The Rebbe foresaw these things coming and insured that the elected Beis Din is to be called the “Crown Heights Beis Din” period, for all those who live in Crown Heights.
    Rabbi Dovid Nissan Bressman
    Los Angeles

    • Milhouse

      However they are not the beis din for those who don’t live in Crown Heights, such as Kol Israel. And if Kol Israel chooses to include Crown Heights within its eruv, that’s its business, and anyone living within the eruv has the right to carry (assuming they hold of the opinions on which it relies).



    • Ezra

      The chances of this reply being from the actual commenter Shpitz is slim to none, frankly.

      Listen, whoever posted this: it’s bad enough that the pro-eruv forces have to resort to blatant lies (such as the notion that the Rebbe was pro-eruv – how they explain the fact that none was built here during his nesius, I don’t know). But the emes – that an eruv in Crown Heights is against halachah and against the expressed wishes of the Rebbe and the community Rabbonim – does not need to be supported with sheker methods.

  • is still forbidden to cary

    since some people are against it is it a problem of no eruv chatzairois?

    • Milhouse

      No. Otherwise there would never be an eruv anywhere. The people who make the eruv are mezakeh you with a share, whether you like it or not. זכין לאדם שלא בפניו, even if he’s עומד וצווח.

  • Anonymous

    If people trust the eruv then great if you don’t also great.People know their decision their not going to change

  • CH Rabbonim

    The issue at hand is not so much pointed to the Eruv itself, but the Rabbonim of Crown Heights (disclaimer: I moved from CH years ago).

    The Rebbe was against many things. For example, teaching your children secular studies. But if you ask a Chabad Rov if you may teach your kids secular studies they will undoubtedly tell you it’s permitted.

    You must separate Halachah from Hashkafah.

    From a Halachic perspective, there should be no issue with the Eruv if a community member wishes
    to rely on it. And if one wants to be machmir, tavo alav b’rachah.

    If the Rabbonim would take a balanced approach to this issue they will find a community that will respect them.

    Unfortunately this issue has unnecessarily become a lighting rod for division at a time when more Achdus should be encouraged.

    A Rov’s responsibility is to Halachah. Period.

    As a previous comment’er pointed out, CH should be a home for *every* Jew to feel comfortable.

  • boruch

    B community. Get out of here. U have no place.
    I finish with a blessing, may you see no success in all your endeavors and let this community stay united

  • Ch'er

    Reading most of the comments here ,
    I’m appalled by the emotional rhetoric.

    Let’s be rational al Pi sechal. ….

    In the Rebbe’s Sh’chuna , those who live by the Rebbe’s instructions are his followers. This is not New Square. Anyone can live here. Crown Heights is not only for Lubavitchers. Do as you please. You have free choice.

    But know. Those who live their lives within the instructions and boundaries of the Rebbe are his followers and chassidim those who don’t. Aren’t. Simply put.

    One thing I can’t understand. Why in a Chabad Lubavitchers website are you including a link for donations. That baffles me.

    Shabbat shalom.

    • Not simply just a chabad issue

      That is true, not everyone has to be chabad. But no Rav from crown heights is endorsing this eruv, chabad or not. And it is a big problem to be poresh min hatzibur, going against the local beis din

  • to 96

    um that was not called for. One who blesses shall be blessed…may this happen upon you.
    Haven’t you ever heard of social tact? That was completely rude and uncalled for.
    Everyone just be quiet and get a life. I COMPLETELY second everything that was said by 81-Devorah Leah Z thank you for your enlightening words.
    Stop complaining and fighting about if the Rebbe would let this or not, when fighting and bringing others to tears is by far not at all what the Rebbe would want.
    Thank you.

    • Ezra

      He’s not saying that the people involved should have no success in their personal endeavors, but in the matter of the eruv, which per the Rebbe and per our Rabbonim is against halachah, and which as you can see will cause an irreparable rift in our community. What’s “not called for” about wishing for its failure?

  • missing the point

    Most of the people are missing the point that the zechoi of the pas doesn’t help which is the real meaning of Eiruv mixing the food, because of those that oppose it even if the mechitzsos would be good

    • Milhouse

      Incorrect. Every community eruv relies on zochin le’odom shelo befonov, even in the face of opponents.

    • Ezra

      Milhouse, perhaps you have a different Shulchan Aruch than we do. Ours says (Choshen Mishpat 67:22) אין מזכין לו לאדם בעל כרחו, and (245:10) אם הי’ צווח מעיקרא לא קנה המקבל.

    • Milhouse

      Ezra, your first citation is easily disposed of: the “gift” is not really a benefit but a burden, since it obligates him to repay his loan! As the SMA says there, the fact that we allow it if he’s not here to object is a special leniency in pruzbul, which would not apply in any other case.

      Your second citation is from hilchos matonoh, that a gift is not valid if the recipient explicitly objects. The source for this halocho is Bovo Basro 138a, and if you look at the first Rashi on that page you will see the reason: since שונא מתנות יחיה, a gift is actually not a benefit but a burden. (That is to say, although most people consider a gift a benefit, some people consider it a burden, so this recipient may identify himself as such a person.)

      However a complete benefit may not be refused. If there is no down side, no rational reason why a person would refuse it, then one may bestow it on a person even over his objections.

      For a detailed discussion of this idea see here (the teshuva starts two pages earlier).

      In any case, every eruv in the world relies on zochin le’odom shelo befonov, even though most of them do have “omdim vetzovchim”, so you must realise that this is not a problem.

    • Ezra

      Aha, so it’s very easy, then. All you have to do is to declare your opponents – including the entire beis din of Crown Heights – not rational, and then presto, you’ve made it work. What’s next, you’ll arrange for the “involuntary commitment” of anyone who disagrees with you?

  • Non Crown Heightser

    It is a very passionate issue, but I believe that for many who wanted an Eiruv, the system failed them. Either they were abused by teachers principals, either verbally, physically or other. We have read about the cover ups and we see in the shchuna all of those who do not conform. For many, it is due to pain of not feeling they belonged due to they way they were treated. For others, they did not come from good homes.

    The mesiras nefesh of following the Rebbe does not speak to many of these people. We are fortunate that they want to keep Shabbos and continue to affiliate the with the community and send their children to our moisdos despite their miserable times therein.

    Furthermore, why would they want to listen to three Rabbonim who cannot even unite under one letterhead. Therefore, if we are truly chassidim and have ahavas yisroel and realize that Crown Heights is not was it was in the lameds and mems, then we have to be more creative. No one is imposing the eiruv on anyone. But if we are truly committed to being mekareiv yidden, we will not judge those who decided to use the eiruv.

    The Rabbonim should come out with a letter that they do not take a position on the Eiruv and do not encourage anyone to use it. However, for those who feel compelled to rely upon the eiruv, no one should protest or make those individuals feel uncomfortable in any fashion. Only through achdus and ahavas yisroel can we inspire the next generation. It is unfortunate that there would be two letters and not one.

    Perhaps this could be one way to say to all the people who deep down want to be chassidim in the fashion in which we believe we are, to say, we understand you, we have compassion for you, and we love you and accept you for who you are.

  • Outraged

    Is this what the Rebbe earned?
    יתמו חטאים ולא חוטאים

  • I have yet to see a Rabbi permit this.

    Not anyone who studied Shulchan Aruch, or even if they studied and mastered each and every Halacha sefer ever printed, may serve as a Rov.

    So rather than bring any learned Halachic arguments from Seforim, kindly find any authoritative Rabbi who would rule that one may rely on an eiruv which is disapproved by ALL local Rabbonim!

    Torah is not some kind of computer code, where if the syntax is right, it will work. The Torah gives power and authority to Rabbinic אפילו אומר לך על ימין שהוא שמאל, anyone that thinks he or she is following Halacha or Hashem’s will by using their own judgment to decide something is OK, is fooling themselves (and their children if they are so educating them).

    Ask any Rov the following question: if I construct a technically kosher eiruv in a place where all local Rabbinical authorities forbid it, may I carry on Shabbos?

    Report back with responses and name of Rabbi giving response.

    • Not simply just a chabad issue

      Bingo. It would be like following Shammai when we are supposed to follow Hillel and vice versa

    • Milhouse

      Rabbi Schwartz is a rov within the eruv, in fact the rov of the shul that made it, and he does not forbid it. He found the expert who made it, and he relies on this expert’s opinion that it is kosher. That should be enough for you.

  • Anonymous

    Braun was never a rov, got simcha or was elected according to the rules
    Shewi was elected in a election which was one thousand present against the rebbe
    Ozdaba discredited himself as a tov because of his fraud and actions
    Therefore there are no rabbonim in crown heights or a Baith din so any rabbi may in their Shul may rull as they wish regarding the erov or anyother commenter issues

  • Avrohom Yakov

    Very strange. people are complaining about the divisiveness and fighting of our Rabbis. Yet they all AGREE that the eruv should NOT be used.

    Rabbi Heller has also come out publicly very strongly against it.

    So on one side we have someone who is afraid to reveal his name (if he exists at all). On the other side we have ALL four Rabbonim in the shechuna against it.

    Those who carry are simply like those who choose to dress not tzniusly and do other sorts of things better not mentioned.

    In other words they are porkiei ol. They refuse to accept the yoke of G-d.

  • Malach Hamaves

    It is nice to see that we have finally found ONE issue that these three Rabonnim agree on. Moshiach really IS coming… After all isn’t that what an eruv is all about? Achdus in the community?

    Also I get why the Lubavitchers are up in arms about this but I would like to remind them that despite being “The Rebbe’s Schuna”, they do NOT own Crown Heights, and there are OTHER JEWS that live there and have their own “rights” to practice Judaism as they see fit. This is a long standing problem with Lubavitch, they have ZERO respect for any community or Rabannim other than their own and think that THEIR way is the ONLY way. This is why I despite considering myself a “Chosid of the Rebbe” REFUSE to consider myself a “Chabadnik”. You don’t want to use the Eruv FINE, but why does it bother you so much that OTHERS do? Are you that parochial and insecure? Grow up everyone…

    • Ezra

      Very appropriate handle. You by any chance also moonlight as the Yetzer Hara and the Satan?

      If people move into a community, they are expected to abide by its laws. If you have a problem with Lubavitchers moving into a neighborhood and trying to change it, then there should be no less an issue when it’s the other way around.

      The bottom line is this. If the local Rabbonim had endorsed it, then there would be no problem: there would be those who use it and those who don’t, and neither group would think less of the other. That is how it is in many Jewish communities around the world where there are sizable Lubavitcher populations: Monsey, Pittsburgh, Melbourne, etc. But if the local Rabbonim have stated their opposition, then that ought to be the end of the discussion. Those who have arguments to the contrary can take it up with them, not just try to create “facts on the ground” and dare anyone to oppose them. If, as Chazal tell us, the purpose of an eruv is to make shalom, then this way of doing things is precisely the opposite of that intent.

  • American Jew

    The Rebbe has clearly stated his opposition to an Eruv which is why most true chasidim throughout the world do NOT accept their local eruvim. For anyone – including this demented Schwarts dude to go against the Rebbe is not only the biggest chutzpah and disrespect but is also looking to bury themselves . He and all the other “Chabad light” instigating this should be fully aware that they are PLAYING WITH FIRE by tampering with the Rebbe’s shchunah and going against the Rebbe’s wishes. Every Lubavitcher rov in the world will tell you the rebbe is AGAINST IT ANYWHERE ! They aren’t all just making up stories.

  • Dovid

    However, Chazal did not say that if an eruv does not bring shalom that it can’t be established.

  • curious

    Can somone source where the Rebbe spoke against making an Eruv also I was told he was against Dor Yesharim too Where is that noted?

  • But why

    It was mentioned but yeah, technically find me a real reshus harabim pls.
    Speaking of which, can I please introduce a few words for you to look up in your dictionary when you get a chance.
    1) Dogmatic
    2) nepotism
    3) misogyny
    4) patriarchal
    5) mythology
    6) archaic
    7) exclusivity

    Judaism seems to have come full circle amirite, pre-monothiastic. This whole anti-eriv poppycock smacks of barbarism/ paganistic mentality. Making people/ideas God. If God is indeed kul yuchol / everything, then what in good heavens is going on here?? And who is this eriv serving anyway, up or down?? I’d say man, not God.

    • Pedant

      “If God is indeed kul yuchol / everything, then what in good heavens is going on here”

      Apikores, tuma, go away.

  • Rafael V. Rabinovich

    The eruv is posul and relying on it to go and carry is outright chilul Shabbos.
    The rabbonim of the Beis Din have explicitly declared it “as if it were no Eruv at all”, but it is, IMHO, much worse than that.
    A posul eruv is misleading. Up to last week we could simply warn visitors about the no-eruv status. Now people are engaging in unnecessary discussions, not being knowledgeable on the halachos of eruvim, and often arriving to the wrong conclusion that the eruv is kosher, or just not questioning it at all.
    Result: people who would not otherwise carry on Shabbos are doing so. The eruv is posul, so they desecrate Shabbos.
    The “eruv” must come down, and no replacement should be even thought of without absolute agreement of all rabbonim and mashpiim in the community.

  • About time!!

    Rabanim have had to never sit at home year after year with young kids because they themselves couldn’t go out. This is great for the community. Yasher Koach – now the community can thrive and achdus can prevail. For those against the eiruv stay home and close your eyes so you cannot witness mothers finally able to go eat out at family and not stay in cramped over-priced apartment.

  • Whats the big deal

    Lets for a moment imagine we weren’t discussing Eruv..rather a Mikveh – that had no local Rabbonim signing on to it and some outside Rav sponsored it – in our community and our Rabbonim said it wasnt Kosher

    There would be a Himmel Geshrai..RL RL – you are being Machsil families on the dearest and most precious Mitzva

    and while in the first few months the voice of Machoos would still be strong- that voice after time would wane and G-d forbid this edifice would be grandfathered into the community ..

    THe Holy Shabbos is no less ..Our Zeidos were Moser Nefesh mamesh for it- This isnt about a Hiddur , a Chumra..This is about the core of Shmiras Shabbos..
    Those who don’t raise thier voice today ..will see this become CV part of our community very soon