App Helps Jewish Homes Go High Tech for Shabbos

Forbes magazine yesterday profiled a smartphone app, Smart Shabbos, which helps Jewish homes go high tech enabling the proper observance of Shabbos in utmost comfort. Forbes also profiled the app’s lead developer, born and raised Crown Heights native Rabbi Shmary Gurary.

Pesach Sheini Is Father and Son day in Oholei Torah

The Mechina Division of Oholei Torah sponsored a Father and Son day in Yeshiva this past Sunday morning, Pesach Sheini. The day began with Chassidus, followed by shacharis. A buffet breakfast was served, and afterwards a video of the Rebbe was played. The fathers then joined their sons in class for a gemorah shiur, and then learnt in chavarus style.

Monday: Rally at the Ohel

Today, Monday, the 15th of Iyar (May 23), there will be a rally at the Ohel for all children ages 5 to 12 featuring a great program with games, refreshments and a raffle. Each child will receive a bow and arrow set in honor of Lag Ba’omer. Buses will leave 770 at 5:00pm and return at 7:45pm. Transportation will cost $3.

Info to Be Menachem Avel R’ Shimon Sherr

R’ Shimon Sherr is sitting Shiva after the passing of his sister, Gittle Esther, OBM, at 1650 President St. [between Schenectady and Utica Aves.] Apt 2L left side of the building, from Tuesday until Friday morning. Shacharis – 7:00am at Rei’im Ahuvim […]